Meaning of STRONGLY in English




be closely/directly/strongly etc linked

Our economy is inextricably linked with America’s.

bitterly/deeply/strongly resent

She bitterly resented his mother’s influence over him.

correlate strongly/significantly/closely

Lack of prenatal care correlates strongly with premature birth.

deeply/strongly/firmly committed

He was deeply committed to his faith.

feature prominently/strongly/heavily etc

Violence seems to feature heavily in all of his books.

react strongly

Scott reacted strongly when he felt he was being treated unjustly.

smell strongly of sth

The man smelled strongly of alcohol.

strongly advised

You are strongly advised to take out medical insurance when visiting China.

strongly condemn sth/sb

This procedure was strongly condemned by the opposition.

strongly critical

Many parents are strongly critical of the school.

strongly disagreed

Barr strongly disagreed with Kronfeld’s statement.

strongly disapproved

Her family strongly disapproved of her behaviour.

strongly held/deeply held views (= strong views that someone is unwilling to change )

He is known for his strongly held views on modern art.

strongly influenced

Marx was strongly influenced by the historian Niebuhr.

strongly objected

Robson strongly objected to the terms of the contract.

strongly related

People’s occupations are strongly related to their level of education.

strongly reminiscent

a style strongly reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s novels

strongly support

We strongly support the peace process.

strongly suspected

She strongly suspected he was lying to her.

strongly/bitterly/savagely etc attack sb/sth

strongly/firmly deny sth

Reports of government corruption have been strongly denied.


The ancient tools discovered in Ethiopia strongly resemble those found in Tanzania.

strongly/severely/heavily criticize sb/sth

Public transport has been severely criticized in the report.


Barcelona strongly resisted moves by rival clubs to sign their star players.

taste strongly of sth

The water tasted strongly of chlorine.

weighed strongly

Her evidence weighed strongly with the judge.

widely/strongly/hotly tipped

He had been widely tipped to get the new post of deputy director.




In other respects too, he is strongly reminiscent of Kant.



Message received. Strongly advise that you come soonest.

First, I would strongly advise other CEOs to follow our experience because the results stood to be nothing short of spectacular.

All the banks and the Post Office strongly advise against sending cash. route.

We strongly advise anyone considering the test to use the counseling services available.

Indeed, my legal representative has strongly advised me against making it.

It is strongly advised to check with the U. S. State Department for the latest security condition while planning this trip.

Your are strongly advised to take advantage of this offer for your benefit and security.

We strongly advise you against reheating your meal at a later time.


The Prime Minister argued strongly against any form of federalism that would undermine the sovereignty of the nation-state.

Some would argue strongly that it does not.

Anderson argues strongly that such patterns can be explained only by looking at the material advantages and disadvantages of people living together.

It has been strongly argued that the interpretation is mistaken.

Samuel argued strongly and persuasively in favour of a National as opposed to a purely Conservative Government, and considerably influenced a receptive King.

We argue strongly that practice in writing should not be confined to the literary essay.

The existence of the two suites argues strongly against the royal apartment interpretation.

They argue strongly for the retention of the unitary board, where all directors take collective responsibility for all board decisions.


I may be too strongly associated in Voznesensky's mind with a complicated period in his personal life.

His success put the Windham Hill label, also strongly associated with New Age music, on the map.

Many studies have shown that exercise-induced arrhythmias and complex ventricular activity are strongly associated with cardiovascular death in the first year.

For example, the age at marriage is strongly associated with the likelihood of divorce.


Thus Realism was strongly attacked by the Behaviouralists, but almost exclusively on methodological grounds.

But opponents have strongly attacked the measure.


It also believes strongly that there should be a ban on the import of hazardous waste into the United Kingdom.

The Clinton administration strongly believes in exerting such pressure.

He believed strongly in economic incentive.

We believe strongly , however, that the term prevention should not be used when referring to abortion.

I strongly believe Gary needs to be out.

We also believe strongly that employers, employees and customers should not have their lives and businesses disrupted by wildcat strikes.

We believe strongly in that....


We can not too strongly condemn such a practice and we recommend its total abolition ....

And last night the emergency services strongly condemned the children's school for organising the event during such bad weather.

Now a Commons Select Committee says it strongly condemns the pricing policies of the major record companies.


The duration of the dance circuit is strongly correlated with the distance from the hive to the food.

The academic support that parents provide at home is strongly correlated with how much young people achieve.

Factors which correlate strongly with autonomy are: Strong goal orientation, even to the point of creating unnecessary hurdles.


But they dropped the idea after the plans were strongly criticised on environmental grounds.

The disclosure was strongly criticised by right-wing Cabinet members.

Mr Bewick was criticised strongly yesterday by Mr Sells for carrying out too many operations rather than reflecting on the ethics involved.

The actions of Rochdale's Social Services were strongly criticised at the time.

Their move away from video, while strengthening a resolve with the fans, has been strongly criticised within business circles.

Read in studio A Government plan to turn a disused juvenile prison into a detention centre for immigrants has been strongly criticised .


This part of the Act has been strongly criticized and to some extent misused for a minority of very difficult cases.

Former president Nixon strongly criticized Bush for failing to respond to the crisis in the republics with a massive aid program.

Weber strongly criticized Marx's attempt to explain all social cleavages as the product of economically based class structures and struggles.

It had also been strongly criticized by the tobacco industry.

The House of Commons select committee on the environment has also strongly criticized the state of Britain's coastal defences.

Parsons has been strongly criticized on all these points.

Social services departments were strongly criticized in the 1980s for not taking more effective action to protect children at risk.

It was strongly criticized by a majority of the Congress and by both business and the trade unions.


Mr Singh has strongly denied these allegations in the Press and wishes to do so again.

In a letter to his House colleagues Thursday, Rangel strongly denied he had divulged confidential information.

Nicholson has always strongly denied the view that his films could have influenced anyone in their decision whether or not to indulge in drugs.

The reports were strongly denied by the Kings.

Claims of harassment have been strongly denied .

This was strongly denied by Sir Patrick.

He strongly denies this, of course, but who but a dedicated optimist could have so much confidence?

They strongly denied that changes would be used to ensure that women's organisations were union-dominated.


Reactions can therefore be highly subjective and we may find ourselves disagreeing strongly with what the artist is saying.

S., I strongly disagree .

Others, arguing that the free market is the best answer to low prices and surpluses, strongly disagree .

A further 7% tend to disagree; while only 3% strongly disagree .

Some people think that an uncreative individual can not properly be regarded as intelligent, and others strongly disagree .

Kitson, Crick and Clarke were all talented individuals who disagreed strongly with the prevailing establishment views in their field.

While I disagree strongly with her on the issues, my conduct at her meeting was inappropriate.


I believe my father strongly disapproves of Uncle Adam or whatever businesses he runs.

Gay marriage has emerged as an explosive social issue, with polls indicating that most voters strongly disapprove of it.

I strongly disapprove of needless bloodshed, be the blood flowing from human veins or otherwise.

Bob strongly disapproved of drinking and driving.

Naturally, if some one has a characteristic you strongly disapprove of you will rate them as being more favourable and vice-versa.

Tracey would strongly disapprove if he knew whom she was calling.

People often strongly disapprove of others who behave in unusual ways.


Indeed they should feature strongly in any retirement counselling programme.

Buy-outs from receivership featured strongly during the year, while buy-ins from receivership fell.

Posters and photographs featured strongly in the catalogue and the general mixture was much the same as that in the other sales.

Pet hates and favourite amusements will feature strongly .

Housing, public health and education featured strongly .

The module will be undertaken on a group basis and self and peer assessment will feature strongly .


He feels strongly that racially based scholarships are unfair.

I felt strongly that we could maintain a racketeering suit under state and federal extortion laws.

Why, after all, should public bodies be specially protected from the grievances of citizens who feel strongly enough to litigate?

I strongly felt as if I would die, but I was not afraid.

I feel strongly now the sense of other worlds, worlds which I will never know.

If the writer feels strongly about including drawings, citations, and explanations, then by all means include such material.


If the expectation is held strongly then market participant action may well bring about the event that was expected.

But there is little doubt it reflected views held strongly in the Oval Office.

Presented with case studies, it takes no time for pupils to express strongly held opinions.

We turned our strongly held ideas about dieting and thinness upside down.

Is it not likely that beliefs strongly held by most of us are equally suspect to them?

Sometimes we are convinced that something is true because it is a strongly held belief of many other people.


The young were free flying, and the future status of this species in Sussex will be strongly influenced by this population.

Positive feedback from peers also strongly influenced the managers' development.

It was strongly influenced by the contemporary art movement known as Constructivism, which was being energetically pursued.

Pinochet that are strongly influenced by the military.

Rather, it seems voters were strongly influenced by their perception of the competence of their own local authority.

Father spoke Cantonese because Taoping Academy, although in the north, had been strongly influenced by Kwangtung men.

Its tenth century architecture was strongly influenced by that of Kiev.

The way they reacted to the workplace was strongly influenced by their own personal situation.


They had a strong sense of shared identity, had been trained together, and were strongly linked by kinship ties.

Demonstratives and the definite article are terms whose mobilisation and use would be strongly linked to this kind of deixis.


The little mite had objected strongly .

Like his Symbolist friends Gauguin in 1888 strongly objected to illusionist painting.

This was strongly objected to by another person.


And he said the application would be strongly opposed by residents.

Such arguments were strongly opposed by environmental groups such as Greenpeace.

Lungren was strongly opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana.

The left strongly opposes both nuclear tests and plans to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Animal advocates strongly oppose the practice of denying insurance to owners of pit bulls and Rottweilers.

The idea was strongly opposed by Britain, and quickly vetoed by the Council of Ministers.

Those provisions had been strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association.


He grabbed toys from other kids and reacted strongly to any sign of aggression from them.

There is no doubt that part of the Catholic community in Britain reacted strongly to the destruction and damage of Catholic churches.

Those with a particular political or religious upbringing may react strongly against that.

Shares in privatised companies reacted strongly to the possibility of a Tory-dominated hung Parliament.

More importantly, he had a metabolism which reacted strongly to crisis.


As such, it can be strongly recommended .

After the third such bout in the space of a few months, a tonsillectomy was strongly recommended by the family physician.

The type of detailed empirical research reviewed above suggests that scepticism is to be strongly recommended .

We strongly recommend the use of an instant read thermometer to determine doneness more accurately.

This is a good book and I strongly recommend it.

Johnson strongly recommended Ben Rich to succeed him.

Stapledon strongly recommends a second harrowing to cover the seeds before rolling.

In fact, I strongly recommend it.


The occurrence of these pigments does not appear to be strongly related to organisms' evolutionary relationships.


Both these matters were deep in political controversy, the second in particular being strongly resisted by the police as well as by the Government.

Tight controls were strongly resisted by developing countries.

It is precisely in such circumstances that the imposition of obligations upon third parties is most strongly resisted .

This has been strongly resisted by the police and there have been a series of clashes.

There was also pressure for a whole ministry responsible for civil aviation, but this was strongly resisted by the Air Ministry.

Ridgeway strongly resisted freeing the men, though he admitted that the evidence placed before the court had not demonstrated their guilt.


These results strongly suggest the appropriateness of the relative ordering of the first three levels.

Tsai, Lee and their colleagues represent an independent new force that strongly suggests the future of San Francisco politics.

Nevertheless, the most reliable evidence strongly suggests that the children of the war are suffering from secondhand exposure to the toxin.

All the phenomena to be described under the section Complex Partial Seizures strongly suggest a temporal lobe origin.

We strongly suggest you take your copy of your final invoice along with your travel documents.

The results from more than a decade of study strongly suggest that, in fact, there is a connection.

The existential sentence strongly suggests that there is nothing metaphorical about this experience for Lok.

In total these records strongly suggest a westerly winter movement through the county.


The Institute, although strongly supported by the Company, was run by a committee.

Throughout 1971-74 the Nixon administration, as could be expected, strongly supported decentralization.

Participation by suburbs that once strongly supported magnet projects is in question.

It also wants to know what the position of Unix International Inc, which it strongly supports , is going to be.

Both of these Republican presidents undertook aggressive antitrust actions, and both strongly supported , and expanded, federal housing programs.

We believe therefore that the available evidence strongly supports the use of full-dose aspirin as adjunctive therapy to thrombolysis.

Dole, with farmers and agribusiness at the core of his Kansas constituency, has strongly supported tax credits for ethanol.


But Cassie strongly suspected that Johnny would have got there in the end, without any help from Bella.

He could not explain the bloodstains on his trousers, but he strongly suspected them to be rabbit's blood.

Strongly suspecting that some one was hiding.

Though Dawson may not have masterminded this sophisticated and influential forgery, his complicity in the affair was strongly suspected .

I fear, I strongly suspect , that this is the route to blowing yourself away.

I strongly suspect the limits are set by social empathy in interactions with animals.


The Parish council would, therefore, strongly urge your committee to refuse this application.

They strongly urge the assorted presidents, prime ministers and corporate chieftains to come without their staffs and guards.

All building society investors and financial advisers are strongly urged to check that they are getting the best rates available.

The establishment of a national asylum had been strongly urged by sundry persons and medical societies since the late 1880s.

The Starsearch returns to Derry in a few weeks, and those who missed out on this occasion are strongly urged to re-enter.

I strongly urge you to just gently dress the pasta with the sauce.

And I strongly urge them to send the tasty Kirstie to Mr Lovegrove's corner shop to get their rations.

I strongly urge him to do so, if he can reach a sensible and reasonable compromise.


A strongly worded White House statement on March 7 had appealed for international support in stopping the operation of the Rabta plant.

Once again, the agency sent a strongly worded warning letter, but took no punitive action.

Pete Wilson yesterday, drawing a strongly worded veto but defining the battle lines after months of debate and anguished decisions.

In a strongly worded letter this week to several dozen television stations, Rep.


carefully/clearly/strongly etc worded

A strongly worded White House statement on March 7 had appealed for international support in stopping the operation of the Rabta plant.

His criticisms have become so predictable and strongly worded that they are counter-productive.

In a carefully worded address, Wyman argued the paradoxical facts.

In a strongly worded letter this week to several dozen television stations, Rep.

On the eve of the talks, the two sides had exchanged strongly worded statements on the issue.

Once again, the agency sent a strongly worded warning letter, but took no punitive action.

Pete Wilson yesterday, drawing a strongly worded veto but defining the battle lines after months of debate and anguished decisions.

The agreement was carefully worded to give some satisfaction to both parties.


Harold's suit smelled strongly of mothballs.


Animal advocates strongly oppose the practice of denying insurance to owners of pit bulls and Rottweilers.

As an aside, if the bad-tasting red disks are strongly reinforced, avoiding pain can become more important than seeking pleasure.

But other aspects of the dinosaur living habits are still more strongly debated.

It is entirely legitimate to criticize the modern hospital system strongly so as to help patients function better within it.

So the Giants do have to get better, and history suggests rather strongly that better means not staying the same.

Surviving daguerreotype self-portraits reveal a slim figure with strongly chiselled features.

The booking of Richard Quinn strongly suggests that connections mean business here.

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