Meaning of STRONGLY in English


strong ‧ ly S3 /ˈstrɒŋli $ ˈstrɒːŋ-/ BrE AmE adverb

[ Word Family: verb : ↑ strengthen ; noun : ↑ strength ; adverb : ↑ strongly ; adjective : ↑ strong ]

1 . if you feel or believe in something strongly, you are very sure and serious about it:

I’m strongly opposed to capital punishment.

We strongly believe that she is innocent.

I’m strongly in favour of marriage.

2 . in a way that is meant to persuade someone to do something

strongly suggest/advise/recommend something

Before taking action, you are strongly recommended to consult an accountant.

3 . in a way that is easy to notice:

The house smelt strongly of food.

HINT : ► Do not say ‘hold/grip something strongly’. Use firmly or tightly : He gripped my arm tightly.

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