Meaning of SUBSCRIPTION in English



a subscription fee (= a fee to receive copies of a newspaper or magazine )

You can pay the subscription fee by cheque.




You produce a good magazine each month; the readers' letters alone are worth the annual subscription .

The annual subscription fee is £8.

That includes an annual £35 subscription .

Please find enclosed a cheque for £12 annual subscription for an organisation.

The Association was open to anyone resident in the island who was prepared to pay the annual subscription of one guinea.

With inflation an annual subscription of £25 is not enough!

As you may know, we charge an annual subscription of £32.50.

The annual subscription is, incidentally, an allowable expense and can be paid by instalment if necessary.


The church of St Peter was built in 1875 by public subscription , and contains several fine stained glass windows.

New companies were set up by public subscription , and there was a substantial increase in the number of films produced.

From the ashes there arose, by public subscription , a new Daily Citizen, responsible and relatively free.

The chancel was rebuilt in 1870, and the rest of the church thoroughly restored in 1882 by public subscription .

Oxleas Wood was saved from development by public subscription in the 1920s.



Taking the opportunity of arranging three subscription concerts in Strasburg he got stranded there because of serious flooding.

The Symphony has canceled all events until the Jan. 29 subscription concert .

We spent a great deal of time familiarizing ourselves with the music by playing it at subscription concerts and youth concerts.


The annual subscription fee is £8.

In return, the Clearing House nets 75 percent of the subscription fee , or more.

If a union member is not employed, the subscription fee is refunded and the worker may choose to leave the union.

They are: 1 membership and subscription fees 2 cost of equipment, clothing, and footwear.

Napster is looking to introduce a monthly subscription fee of its own.


Therefore taking the data for the day of issue, the market price was 310p and the subscription price was 255p.

Thus subscription prices were shooting up and cutting off thousands of readers who could no longer afford them.

The subscription price - currently £14.70 - will be charged to your account annually until you cancel.

The tender offer involves an offer to the public to bid for the shares but with a minimum subscription price .

And you will charge to my account annually until cancelled the subscription price - currently £14.70.


The subscription rate for the Information Circular is £15.00 perannum for twelve issues.

While cellular subscription rates have been growing, the market for equipment makers has been dwindling.

The new subscription rates still represent exceptional value.

For members' reference, the new subscription rates , which will come into effect from 1 March 1999, shown right.



I seriously considered cancelling my subscription .

Subsequently we cancelled all the subscriptions .

You may also cancel your subscription at any time.

Some readers have cancelled their subscriptions because of her.

Obviously we shall have to cancel these subscriptions unless our grant is restored to the previous year's level.


That includes an annual £35 subscription .

It also includes the subscription to the Students' Association, athletic clubs and other facilities.

The annual fee includes the subscription for student unions, athletic clubs, and other facilities.


Building a paid subscription base for any new publication is hard.

The Association was open to anyone resident in the island who was prepared to pay the annual subscription of one guinea.

The administrators of the subscription services are betting extra features will keep the paying customers paying.

Participating hotels pay a subscription starting at £175 a year, up to a ceiling of £575.

Handicapped members, who play an important role in the Rangers, pay no subscription .

Will he be paying his subscription to both clubs?

The full cost of this window was £14 5s 2d which was paid for by subscription .


However a project worker saw her condition and paid the amount needed to renew her subscription .

Lifelong readers who kept the back issues piled in their attics renewed their subscriptions like clockwork at the five-year rate.

If you are wondering whether to renew your subscription , perhaps you would like to read page 19 before deciding?

Churn refers to the number of people who do not renew subscriptions .


The bulk of its revenues comes from selling cut-rate subscriptions to first-time subscribers.

He sent it unsolicited to team executives and baseball writers, and even managed to sell a few subscriptions .

In addition to maintaining its current programming, Sinclair said it plans to sell subscription channels such as those available on cable.


There must also be room for deliveries of bulk items, taking Institute subscriptions , taking membership subs.

In June 1930 I had to leave school and take work in a subscription library.

Alternatively, take out a subscription to Ideal Home.

Thirdly, if you haven't already, take out a subscription to our sister publication, Peak Performance.

All you need to do to get this indispensable item is to take out a new subscription to Outdoor Action.

They take subscription tickets every winter for all the concerts, the Musikverein, anything you can name.


He sent it unsolicited to team executives and baseball writers, and even managed to sell a few subscriptions.

It is updated quarterly and annual subscriptions are priced at £1,000.

She attacked and circumvented the restrictive actor-manager system, producing independent subscription theatre with good roles for women.

The 9, 430 subscription seats are a 43 percent increase over 6, 575 sold during the 1992-93 season.

The playing bondholders were also asked to pay the new extra, voluntary subscription and non-players had to forego their meagre interest.

You may also cancel your subscription at any time.

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