Meaning of SUBSCRIPTION in English

/ səbˈskrɪpʃn; NAmE / noun [ C , U ]


subscription (to / for sth) an amount of money you pay, usually once a year, to receive regular copies of a newspaper or magazine, etc.; the act of paying this money :

an annual subscription

to take out a subscription to 'Newsweek'

to cancel / renew a subscription

Copies are available by subscription.


( BrE ) a sum of money that you pay regularly to a charity, or to be a member of a club or to receive a service; the act of paying this money

SYN donation :

a monthly subscription to Oxfam


the act of people paying money for sth to be done :

A statue in his memory was erected by public subscription .

➡ note at payment



late Middle English (referring to a signature or short piece of writing at the end of a document): from Latin subscriptio(n-) , from subscribere write below, from sub- under + scribere write.

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