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Part I of the resolution also urged greater assistance to governments engaged in crop substitution programmes.

Aid agencies still fear that crop substitution projects will endanger the lives of their staff.

One leading international charity attempted a crop substitution project just across the border in Nangrahar province.

The United States agreed to send money for social development programs, judicial reform and crop substitution .

Whole villages went over to onions, and narcotics officials beamed with pleasure and satisfaction. Crop substitution was working.

Tocas had reportedly obtained the signed commitment of 40,000 growers to support a crop substitution programme.


It predicts precisely the opposite human response to the substitution effect - higher taxes increase incentives to work.

As wage rates rise, if the substitution effect dominates, the end result is falling consumption of time-intensive commodities.

Changes in tax rates generate income and substitution effects by altering the slope of the segments.

The substitution effect leads to cheaper leisure being substituted for work, i.e. less work.

Thereafter, however, there has been a dominant substitution effect .

In other words, the income and substitution effects we considered above apply to higher indirect taxes as well as to higher direct taxes.

Whether the magnitude of the income and substitution effects will be the same for indirect as for direct taxes is quite another matter.

Both income and substitution effects will then be substantial in magnitude.


Because import substitution rested on capital-intensive enterprises which required little labour and, therefore, did little to stimulate demand; 3.

He argued that the road to development should be built with import substitution and quasi-socialism.

Unfortunately, quasi-socialistic import substitution did not work anywhere it was tried.



Ipswich made their first substitution after 75 minutes when Whelan came on for Bozinoski.

There is no ground that I can see for making any such substitution .

I suppose it was just my managerial instinct coming to the fore, but I decided to make a tactical substitution .


Coach Packard made two substitutions in the second half.


First, substitution possibilities are not symmetrical between the skilled and the unskilled labor.

Generic substitution could be achieved in a number of ways.

It can be seen from the table above that the most frequently occurring errors are of the substitution type.

Part I of the resolution also urged greater assistance to governments engaged in crop substitution programmes.

Some workers did, however, appear to respond as the substitution effect predicted.

Texas state law does not allow for the substitution of an independent candidate once he has won a spot on the ballot.

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