Meaning of SUMMON in English



gather/muster/summon your strength (= get enough strength to do something )

He sat for a couple of minutes, gathering his strength.

summon (up)/muster your courage (= make yourself feel brave )

Summoning all her courage, she got up to see what the noise was.




They were soon summoned back to London.

Mungo closed his eyes, summoning back the image he had tried to capture in the barrow.

Will they have to be summoned back ?


Despite her threat she doubted if she could summon up enough voice to scream.

What if we could summon up the willingness and wisdom to suspend our disbelief?

The keen blustery morning summoned up exactly the braced mood she sought to capture.

It seems to me a healthy slogan; and it summons up a cheerful and invigorating mood.

Surely this night the unexpected would happen, surely she had summoned up the unexpected.

New challenges summon up fresh resources, or expose areas in which resources are lacking.

Mayall plays Fred, the obnoxious character summoned up by a mixed up young woman with hilarious and chaotic consequences.

Yet not only does it summon up that tradition, it physically presents it.



By August the government was trying to pacify protest by undertaking to summon an elected consultative assembly .

At the same time, Louis summoned a series of assemblies involving both bishops and lay nobles.

By February he felt compelled to commit himself to summoning a Consultative Assembly .


They get summoned into the conference room.

Gaidar, although summoned by the conference participants, did not attend.

The first time the Guardian used him in a libel action we were summoned to a conference in his London chambers.


In 511 Clovis summoned a council of bishops to Orléans, largely to deal with ecclesiastical matters in newly conquered Aquitaine.

The courier had orders for them to repair at once to Edinburgh, where the Regent was to summon an urgent Council .

He became aware that men were scheming against him and therefore summoned a council of gods.

Theodosius, the Eastern emperor, summoned a Council to meet at Ephesus.

He called together his generals and summoned a Council of War at the Shrine of Asuryan.


There is still a way out of this economic mess, if Mr Gorbachev can summon up the courage to take it.

In 1941, Roosevelt conceded failure and Congress summoned the courage to codify the date in law.

Time is required, often to summon the courage necessary to talk about their real problems and difficulties.

When at last he lay sleeping quietly, she summoned all her courage and lit the lamp.

University students summoned the courage to demonstrate for multi-party changes soon after the Lenten letter was read.

I need to summon my courage for its wild, exhilarating, heart-stopping ride.

He summoned his courage and said so to the grim-faced man before he left the sick room.

Feeling small and insignificant, Chesarynth summoned up the courage to move.


Will they summon up the energy to transfer to the Isas offered by smile or the Nationwide?

She would in a moment, when she could summon up the energy .

Keep him from chasing younger birds - if he could've summoned up the energy .


During the late afternoon I received another call summoning a further Cabinet meeting at 7.30 p.m.

He had been summoned to this meeting at short notice.


Well, I have now marshalled my thoughts, summoning memories from that summer over seventy years ago.

He summoned up childhood memories and a long love for a part of his musical heritage in a piece called Blues Suite.

For the murderer it summoned up memories of shared moments.


His reaction to them was explosive, and on Monday morning Verity Lambert was hastily summoned to his office .

Undecided House members have been summoned to the Oval Office for coveted one-on-one chats with the chief executive.

Even after he had been summoned to the Holy Office in April 1633, Galileo could still arouse sympathy in high places.

Two weeks later she was summoned to his office .

She had come north, summoned by a War Office telegram to see me that first time.


Peers spiritual Until the fourteenth century, all clergy were summoned to Parliament .

The appointment of peers temporal Nowadays, one thinks that if one is a peer, one is summoned to Parliament .

During this period he contracted to serve Edward for life and from 1317 he was summoned to Parliament .

But it was not the Crown's invariable motive for summoning a Parliament .


Miss Thomas was laid out on a pavement and the police were summoned from a nearby police station.

Tom put two and two together and set off in search of the youths, asking the Security Guard to summon the Police .

After the catastrophe, they would hardly find it as easy to summon police as they had done before.

Next day the rector of the Sorbonne summoned police to a student protest against the closure of Nanterre.


Poshekhonov could summon a short clear smile from Holly, a smile that was chained and brief.


At the beginning of each new paragraph she must summon her strength to overcome enormous resistances.

She summons extraordinary strength and responds, nodding her head vigorously, agreeing.

Sunday's different, energy levels are low and you can't summon the strength or stamina to do anything.

Have you summoned the ancient golden strength , to bind me to you once and for all time?

Ruth summoned some inner strength she thought she had exhausted.



But the decision was taken that he should carry on and try to summon one final burst of energy.


serve a summons/writ etc

In some ways it's like serving a writ, only in this circumstance it's entirely beneficial to the recipient.

Voice over Jaguar has already served a writ on one customer who withdrew his order.


I've been summoned to appear at Guildford Magistrates Court on June 1st.

I finally summoned the courage to ask my father to lend me the car.

President Clinton summoned his top White House aides to discuss the crisis.

Russo saw the fight and summoned the police.

The Colonel had summoned him to Cancun for the meeting at the Rena Victoria Hotel.


At the same time all £50 landowners were summoned to serve without pay.

He had been summoned to appear before an Officer Selection Board, having put his name forward shortly after joining the Regiment.

In a few minutes a servant knocked and summoned Gandhi.

Jack Kennedy summoning Robert Frost to deliver an inauguration poem and confer a bardic benediction on the new administration.

Mrs Field summoned the vet immediately, who said it was in a hopeless condition and should be put down at once.

She only realised that the meal had ended when Piers summoned across for the bill.

We summon them down from the highest tree branches.

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