Meaning of SUMMIT in English



a summit conference (= for the leaders of governments )

The heads of most Arab states met in Amman for a summit conference.

a summit meeting (= between leaders of governments )

The Prime Minister is in Paris for a European summit meeting.




At the moment the annual summit is little more than an expensive talking shop.

Overfishing by foreign vessels and toxic waste dumping were also major causes for concern at their annual summit .


The Shah was the man who came to dinner ... There was an Arab summit coming up.


The anti-capitalists gathering to protest at this week s world economic summit in Genoa are both right and wrong.

Nearly every economic summit since the first one in 1975 has come up with a catch phrase.

Like other economic summits , it came in for a lot of stick.

But it is starting to look silly to exclude from economic summits representatives from countries that produce half the world's output.

Over the decades, the economic summits have had a dismal record of understanding what was happening in the real world.

Britain had previously set great store by the Lisbon economic summit two years ago, but progress has subsequently been slow.

How the arts fit in with the city economy is one of the issues Brown hopes to explore in his economic summit .


Mr Straw planned to float the proposals this week in a speech in Lisbon on the eve of the EU summit .


No law of equal time exists to ensure that he appears at as many international summits as she does.

On Monday, Hillary Clinton will address an international microcredit summit .

Mrs Thatcher was still highly visible at international summits , but often now as an obstructive, quarrelsome figure.



In November 1987 the heads of most Arab states met in Amman for a summit conference .

No, it did not occur to the prisoner that by violating Soviet frontiers he was endangering the upcoming summit conference .

Plus fresh fodder for their next summit conference on Rainbow's appearance, attitudes and ultimate destiny.

In 1955, the year of the Geneva summit conference , there were conciliatory gestures towards nuclear disarmament on both sides.


For all those reasons, it is essential that there is a successful conclusion to the Maastricht summit next month.

We keep hearing comments tonight - we also heard them in the debate before the Maastricht summit - about sovereignty.

The Maastricht summit gives us great opportunities for economic, social and democratic reform.

That is why the Maastricht summit was always going to be important well beyond its paper agenda.


Two more summit meetings were planned before the end of the year.

Romer, a patient practitioner of the consensus-building school of government, held a series of summit meetings .

January 1990 summit meeting p. 37202.

A trilateral summit meeting was planned for the following month.


On the summit ridges Racomitrium is often confined to the lee side of boulders.



But Simmons emailed executives and told them not to attend Muhammad's summit , and refused to invite him to his own.

Yeltsin had decided not to attend the summit because of critical July 3 elections.

Other senior officials also attended the summit .

Mr Barak said he would attend a summit hosted by the United States, if one were called.


It is tempting, then, to call time on G8 summits .

They welcomed last month's initiative by Mr Bush and called for a summit with him within 90 days.


Romer, a patient practitioner of the consensus-building school of government, held a series of summit meetings.

It roused the kings and presidents to hold an emergency summit in Cairo last October.

He said he hoped that the two countries would strengthen relations and hold a summit meeting at least once a year.


Ben Holt on the Z-pitch, leading to the summit of the Grand Dru.

A very steep paths leads down from the summit .

There are many paths leading to the summit of Goatfell.

From the cairn turn right along a track which leads east-north-east to the summit .


The Geneva meeting , the first summit since Potsdam ten years earlier, was not the result of any political settlement.

Eight days later, the agreement was drafted and both sides met again at the summit and signed their names.


This f is used only to detect when the algorithm has reached a summit or plateau.

But Cook claimed to have reached the summit at 10 a. m., September 16.

Have you ever tried to reach a summit when in retrospect you've realised that the conditions were too dangerous?

And he reached the final summit Sunday on Mount Aconcagua, just days before his birthday.

We looked at each other - we had finally reached Isparion's elusive summit .

For every five people who have reached the summit of Everest, one has died.

The sun was going down and it was in a warm twilight that they reached the summit of their climb.

Cook had some incredible news: He and Barrill had reached the summit !


A summit meeting of OPEC leaders was called to find a solution to the oil crisis.

a national education summit

a trip to the summit of Pike's Peak

A U.S.-Russia summit is expected to take place in late March.

a U.S.-Russian summit

In the distance we could see the snow-covered summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It took the climbers four hours to reach the summit .

NATO leaders are preparing for a summit conference to decide the future of the alliance.

The President will meet other Pacific Rim leaders at next week's economic summit .

We took a small train to the summit of Pike's Peak.


At the moment the annual summit is little more than an expensive talking shop.

Climber assistant editor Tom Prentice and leader Keith Milne reached the summit of the 6,904m mountain after 13 days.

Four Dopplemayr chairlifts take you up from the hotel at 2,000m to the summit at 3,000m.

Go north along the lower edge of the fence, around the hillside and up the main path north-east to the summit .

The Helsinki summit , arranged at very short notice, dealt almost exclusively with the specific issue of a major regional conflict.

The sun was going down and it was in a warm twilight that they reached the summit of their climb.

The White House announced that some commitments from the private sector already have been made as part of summit preparations.

The world's first internet summit has been cancelled because of lack of interest.

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