Meaning of SUMMIT in English



Pronunciation: ' s ə -m ə t

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English somete, from Anglo-French sumet, diminutive of sum top, from Latin summum, neuter of summus highest ― more at SUM

Date: 15th century

1 : TOP , APEX especially : the highest point : PEAK

2 : the topmost level attainable <the summit of human fame>

3 a : the highest level of officials especially : the diplomatic level of heads of government b : a conference of highest-level officials (as heads of government) <an economic summit >

synonyms SUMMIT , PEAK , PINNACLE , CLIMAX , APEX , ACME , CULMINATION mean the highest point attained or attainable. SUMMIT implies the topmost level attainable <at the summit of the Victorian social scene>. PEAK suggests the highest among other high points <an artist working at the peak of her powers>. PINNACLE suggests a dizzying and often insecure height <the pinnacle of worldly success>. CLIMAX implies the highest point in an ascending series <the war was the climax to a series of hostile actions>. APEX implies the point where all ascending lines converge <the apex of Dutch culture>. ACME implies a level of quality representing the perfection of a thing <a statue that was once deemed the acme of beauty>. CULMINATION suggests the outcome of a growth or development representing an attained objective <the culmination of years of effort>.

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