Meaning of SUPPLEMENTARY in English






Only 18 to 25 percent of the survey sample relied on or had their income topped up by the then supplementary benefit .

One of the Government's aims in moving from supplementary benefit to income support was to simplify the system.

In 1988 heating additions were withdrawn from supplementary benefit .

At the same time the old supplementary benefit and heating allowances were abolished and a new system of income support was introduced.

Those whose husbands are earning will not even qualify for supplementary benefit .

If you are claiming supplementary benefit , you automatically qualify.

You can qualify for housing benefit on a higher income than for supplementary benefit.

Families on supplementary benefit , now income support, are likely to borrow to buy items of clothing or durable household goods.


A supplementary budget was announced in February 1991 in the light of the negative effects of the Gulf crisis on the economy.

Supercomputers are not the only scientific elements in the supplementary budget .

In view of the official line that April's supplementary budget was designed to boost only domestic firms, this may be naive.

This decision cleared the way for the budget committee to begin proceeding with the proposed supplementary budget.


Likewise arrangements should be made to ensure that supplementary information will be available where required.

Similarly, the Investment Business Gazettes offer concise and very useful supplementary information .

Report letter A report letter containing supplementary information was sent to centres at the same time as the new catalogue.

A copy of Westminster's code of practice and other supplementary information can be obtained by telephoning Theresa Riley in 071-798 1093.

While E. coli carries its main genetic archive on conventional chromosomes, plasmids equip the microbe with small libraries of supplementary information .


This can involve materials already in school, some supplementary materials or the careful planning of a visit or trip.

It is intended to be used as supplementary material alongside any main course, in class and for homework.

These and other language-based materials are offered as supplementary materials which will slot into a range of syllabuses.

The government provides school textbooks but supplementary materials are developed by educational consultants or teachers.

These, and other areas, are described more fully in the supplementary material which is available from most departments on request.

Individual units can be used as supplementary material with other courses.


And for most pensioners, even those with supplementary pensions or savings, the state pension is their financial lifeline.

From April 1988 the supplementary pension system will cease to exist and will be replaced by income support.

Up to April 1988 this was known as supplementary pension and was the arm of the supplementary benefit system catering for older people.

Like supplementary pension it tops up your income to the amount the government says you need to live on.

As with supplementary pension you are supposed to pay for heating out of weekly income.

If you're not receiving supplementary pension , you have to claim yourself from the council.

Married couples were most likely to have occupational pensions and least likely to have a supplementary pension.


At Question Time the Prime Minister is backed by the civil servants who brief her and try to anticipate supplementary questions.

Mr Wakil's short answer above brought supplementary questions .

Mr. Scott I contest the hon. Gentleman's assertions at the end of his supplementary question .

Many questions are answered in writing, but those that receive oral answers may be followed up by supplementary questions.

The respondents were also asked a supplementary question designed to elicit their rationalisations for their decisions.


supplementary insurance coverage

Some supplementary finance is available in the form of grants or loans.

The Investment Business Gazettes offer very useful supplementary information.


A substantial, well-preserved Iron Age settlement with two encircling ramparts and supplementary earthworks.

Pensions, health insurance, supplementary unemployment compensation have added to the protection.

Secondly, it prohibited local authorities from levying supplementary rates.

Strikes that are more likely to attract supplementary benefit are those involving large numbers, which last long and which are official.

Under Article 112 the Finance Minister must approve all supplementary expenditure.

What they had achieved with a few weeks of supplementary feeding was remarkable.

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