Meaning of SUPPRESS in English




resist/fight/suppress an urge

She had to resist a constant urge to look back over her shoulder.

stifle/suppress a giggle (= try to not laugh )

Britta covered her mouth to stifle a giggle.

suppress/crush/put down a rebellion (= end it by force )

Troops moved in to suppress the rebellion.

suppress/crush/put down a revolt (= end it by force )

The Russians speedily crushed the revolt.

suppressed laughter (= when someone tries not to laugh )

He began to shake with suppressed laughter.

suppressed/pent-up anger (= that you have tried not to show )

Her voice shook with suppressed anger.




Dexamethasone has also been reported to suppress leukotriene activity invitro although we found no effect of low dose prednisolone in this study.


We shall hear more about this worldwide problem, despite attempts to suppress it.


In the next few years many clinical experiments established the effective use of drugs to suppress immune responses.

A new diet drug that suppresses the appetite is helping people shed pounds without having to exercise or fuss with meal plans.

But anti-retroviral drugs only suppress the virus; they can not destroy it, or prevent others getting it.


Their own consensual efforts to deny and suppress them would then be exposed for the deceitful sham they have always been.

She sensed that he was holding back with a massive effort , suppressing his own hunger with iron discipline.

The longer he resists the pressure for change, the more divisive and dangerous will be his efforts to suppress it.


It is far more painful and exhausting to suppress our emotions than it is to experience them.

The relationship between body posture and suppressed past trauma or emotions was touched on in the section dealing with cervical reintegration.


This caused widespread riots that the government suppressed with brutality.


State military volunteers, with the aid of federal troops, moved in to suppress the rebellion .


As Harry squeezed through the ruck to order another pint, he could not suppress a private smile at Minter's expense.

The players listen, some trying to suppress smiles .

His looks said it all, and Jenna suppressed a smile and set off across the road to join him.


The stress which your fish are suffering from, will suppress their immune systems .

Also, a low socioeconomic status and a suppressed immune system may put women at significantly higher risk.

It suppresses the immune system so that infected people are prone to almost any infection that happens to come their way.


As we have discovered, to speak falsehood means to suppress feelings as well as truth .


Some seek revenge for atrocities committed in suppressing the Shia uprising .

Force is conveniently used to suppress political uprising .

This runs parallel with the use of force to suppress uprisings in poor nations against policies of these same institutions.


A bitter reply rose to Alexei's lips, but he suppressed the urge to utter it.

I had to suppress the urge to jump down, run after them and argue some sense into them.

He suppressed the urge to respond, to tease an answer to the question out of himself.



Polly tried to suppress the shudder that galvanised every nerve from the roots of her hair to her toes and fingertips.

The Talmud itself acknowledge5 that the sages tried to suppress the Book of Kohelet.

She tried to suppress her distaste.

The players listen, some trying to suppress smiles.

Lawyers claimed they had tried to suppress official papers showing the extent of the arms selling operation.

He also adamantly argues that city officials are not trying to suppress the practice of religion.

What she needed was to sleep, and she tried to suppress the great mountain of self-pity that threatened to swamp her.


The government has repeatedly used violence to suppress opposition demands that President Mobutu Sese Seko's powers be curtailed.

Force is conveniently used to suppress political uprising.


Any opposition to the regime is ruthlessly suppressed.

Finally Glen could suppress his anger no longer and he lashed out at his mother.

For 70 years the Communist government had suppressed all dissent.

He looked at me, waiting with suppressed anger.

I suppressed an urge to laugh.

It's not good to suppress your feelings.

Police were accused of suppressing evidence that might have proved that the men were innocent.

She had had to suppress her feelings for George throughout his long marriage to her friend.

Some evidence had been suppressed by Spira's lawyers.

The army acted swiftly to suppress the uprising.

The authorities suppressed publication of the journal.

The CIA has often tried to suppress reports that are embarrassing to the agency.


Lawyers claimed they had tried to suppress official papers showing the extent of the arms selling operation.

One part of the cell that listens is the system which sends out and suppresses nerve impulses.

Retailers have trouble suppressing their fury.

The more our rational faculty is suppressed, the more obsessed we are by it.

The players listen, some trying to suppress smiles.

The research always favoured the industry's pro-lead views or was suppressed, Mr Kitman found.

They would make it impossible to fund clubs and societies and would inevitably suppress much of our vital welfare work.

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