Meaning of SWALLOW in English

I. verb


swallow a pill

He swallowed a handful of pills.

swallow a tablet

He took his own life by swallowing more than 500 tablets.

swallow food

While she was ill, she had trouble swallowing her food.

swallowing...whole (= swallowing it without chewing )

a snake swallowing a mouse whole

take/swallow poison

He committed suicide by taking poison.




Closing her eyes, she swallowed hard , shuddering violently.

I flushed, swallowed hard , struggled to keep from crying, struggled not to be overwhelmed by my fear of falling.

He swallowed hard once or twice.

Occasionally he would grimace and swallow hard , his lips going tight.

She swallowed hard , then stretched out her hand and took it.

Cantor momentarily closed his eyes and swallowed hard .

She looked away, swallowing hard as disappointment choked her.

Kelly swallowed hard , and closed her eyes.


He swallowed nervously and unlocked it.

Every muscle tensed, and she swallowed nervously , but she carried on with her appointed task with renewed concentration.

Isabel swallowed nervously , pondering her answer as if the fate of the kingdom rested on it.

Robyn swallowed nervously , immediately regretting her spurt of defiance.

Ranulf swallowed nervously as the bough hit the ground.


In my day - why, Sècheron would have been swallowed up by inner suburbs clustering round the old U.N. building.

The 1400, on the other hand, can swallow up to 1. 36 gigabytes of compressed data.

They just went in head first and was swallowed up in the road.

A brother and sister are split apart, and his identity gets swallowed up in an institution.

The latter has now been swallowed up by extreme political shifts and disputes.

We must learn when to adapt and when to resist, or be swallowed up .

The jangling of his chains and bells was swallowed up by the blackness.

Beware you be not swallowed up in books!



After they are separated, the keepers feed the chicks by hand and must teach them to swallow whole fish .

Little fish can now swallow bigger fish.

At once, I found myself swallowed by a huge fish .

A J Trevett and colleagues reported on two patients who developed acute respiratory obstruction from swallowing live fish .

Jonah starts off in the opposite direction, but is swallowed by a great fish who delivers him to Ninevah anyway.

The Prophet Jonah, too, was swallowed by a monstrous fish .


She swallowed down a mouthful of wine.

But when she swallowed , the first mouthful of crisp apple hurt her throat so much she almost cried.

She gasped, swallowed a mouthful of rain, and gave an involuntary chuckle.

He swallowed the first mouthful , and then examined what was left as if he was not sure what it contained.

She realized that Bridget was eyeing her curiously, and swallowed a mouthful of wine.


Some one he loved more than he loved her, which was a hard pill to swallow .

It was a bit of a blow, a bitter pill to swallow .

Was it a hard pill to swallow ?

And a firm's environmental history has emerged as another potential poison pill no-one wants to swallow .

And humor, after all, is the sugar coating that makes talk radio a smooth pill to swallow .

He simply chooses not to, and that's a very bitter pill to swallow for any child.

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a pill , and swallowed it.


Michelle, set on being an actress, wasn't interested at first, but in the end she swallowed her pride .

But the argument, that they should swallow their pride and join the union, does not seem popular at present.

He swallowed his pride and went to Frieda, told her the situation.

Elsie kept quiet about his affair and swallowed her pride , however.

Still, it was painful, and he struggled desperately to swallow his pride .

Last night she had swallowed her pride and rung the Kilburn flat twice.

There was also a cost in swallowed pride by the architects.


Carolyn sat on her bed and swallowed the sleeping tablets , washing each down with a mouthful of water.

An 11-month old baby died after accidentally swallowing a few laetrile tablets .

She swallowed the tablets and drained the mug, feeling a great deal better.

He was shivering again and he swallowed another handful of tablets from his waist pouch.

After she had swallowed the sleeping tablets , Carolyn slept for fourteen hours.


a barium meal/enema/swallow

During the pre-operative period Mr Reynolds also have several investigations performed, including a barium enema and a sigmoidoscopy and biopsy.

I was in the process of administering a barium enema.

If the patient is over 40 or has risk factors for colon carcinoma, a barium enema is prudent.

Oesophageal radionuclide transit was evaluated in 15 patients and a barium meal was performed in five cases to confirm endoscopical findings.

So I went to see a man in Devonshire Place and he sent me down the road for a barium meal X-ray.

The following year the surgeon arranged an x ray of her lumbar spine and a barium meal, which were normal.

Three patients refused endoscopy, two refused sigmoidoscopy, and nine patients refused to have a barium enema or colonoscopic examination.

a bitter pill (to swallow)

Losing the business was a bitter pill to swallow.

It was a bitter pill for the 117 men listed to swallow with their Thanksgiving turkey yesterday.

It was a bit of a blow, a bitter pill to swallow.


Alice swallowed her iced tea hurriedly.

Her explanation of where the money went is a little hard to swallow .

I threw a piece of meat to the dog and he swallowed it in one go.

If you drink some water it will make the pills easier to swallow .

Mary tried hard to swallow her anger.

She swallowed twice, preparing to tell him the truth.

The company has been telling lies for years, but local media has swallowed them whole.

You mean to tell me you swallowed a story like that?


Before she swallowed the last of the drink she had promised to ask Wickham for the facts.

In ancient times one regular performer apparently used to swallow stones and then make music by banging on his stomach.

Joe understood her and swallowed his disappointment.

One year after the rescue plan, it may be time for the critics to swallow at least some of their words.

That they were in my hands was hard to swallow .

The 1400, on the other hand, can swallow up to 1. 36 gigabytes of compressed data.

With their large mouths they are capable of swallowing smaller aquarium fishes.

II. noun


Glen took a long swallow of his drink.


An early swallow hawked for flies, close over the bright water.

Elizabeth ducked her chin to take a swallow of coffee.

He took three large swallows and passed the bottle to his wife.

Now, with a swish and a swallow , you, too, are sent on your way.

The other picked up his drink and took a long swallow , watching her over the rim of the tankard.

There were two swallows nesting above our front door.

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