Meaning of SYMBOLIC in English




a symbolic act (= something you do to express an idea or feeling )

The Tibetan climber will pass the Olympic flame to his Chinese partner in a symbolic act of friendship.

a symbolic gesture (= something you do that shows people how you feel )

In a symbolic gesture, he renounced his $10,000 monthly presidential salary.

a symbolic meaning (= representing an idea )

Colours often have symbolic meanings; for example, black signifies grief in Western cultures.




This can be regarded as symbolic .

These relationships, and the position of the woman as symbolic of her culture, are mutually reinforcing.

Here, they drew on Hegel's account of religious doctrines and institutions as symbolic objectifications of that spirit.


The government has made minor cuts on welfare and some changes of a largely symbolic nature.

In fact, the measure has so many exceptions that some Republicans said its value is largely symbolic .

But to describe the bill as largely symbolic is not to diminish its importance.

The registry is largely symbolic and confers none of the legal rights and obligations of marriage.

Because Westminster retains responsibility for security, the vote was largely symbolic .


Yet a far stronger and more symbolic object remains - the wedding ring.

The decertification of Columbia, however, might be more symbolic than punitive.

Berlin, in the present context, is more symbolic than significant.

The meeting Sunday at the Red Sea resort is more symbolic than substantive.

As conceived by writer-director Victor Salva, our male protagonists are more symbolic than human.

Later wall engravings of women show even more symbolic abstraction.


Our protest was meant to be purely symbolic .



Yet there could be no more symbolic act of defiance than a currency with a separate exchange rate against the rouble.

It was as though that one, symbolic act gave him permission to live his life his way.

The wearing of an armband to express certain views is the kind of symbolic act protected by that amendment.

The symbolic act could not have been more significant.


In much of his treatment of Kabylia Bourdieu is loath to speak of symbolic capital at all.

Both the cycle of gifts and of offence and revenge are aimed at the preservation or accumulation of symbolic capital .


Then allow your goal or Dream to take on a symbolic form , and appear on the grass in front of you.

However, in both cases, Pech-Merle and the Neolithic, we see the symbolic forms associated with clear female symbols.

Is it then restricted to ritual, stereotypical or culturally symbolic forms ?


I am more interested in the varying symbolic functions they fulfil.

Ritual foods are served, each with a symbolic function .

Furthermore, it is perceived to have an educative and symbolic function as well as a practical one.

When seen, they have only a symbolic function .

Additionally, the new law has symbolic functions .

Piaget referred to this as the symbolic function , or the semiotic function, the use of symbols and signs.

This argument neglects the symbolic function of the labels applied by the law and by courts to criminal conduct.


Surely tearing up the Pope's picture was meant as a symbolic gesture , not a personal affront.

Such language suggests that the riots were less about forcing material change than about making symbolic gestures .

Last year, in a symbolic gesture , he introduced a 20p tax band.

But the symbolic gesture is likely to be of dubious long-term value and will depend entirely on the personalities and circumstances involved.

This symbolic gesture seemed to satisfy them.

The union leaders appear to be building public support for their cause, with clever use of symbolic gestures and public relations.

Or, like Parliament Square, will it occupy the terrain of a symbolic gesture , alive in legend?

It remained a small, symbolic gesture of anger at the official policy on education.


Now that it is, try thinking about what is happening in astronomical terms and you will instantly notice the symbolic importance .

Riyadh, the modern capital, does not have this symbolic importance .

There can be no doubt of the symbolic importance of prostitution to the Victorians.

It was therefore of some symbolic importance , but it was badly flawed.

The anti-investiture decree, however great its symbolic importance , did little to diminish the power of lay rulers over ecclesiastical appointments.

But there is a symbolic importance of the prominence of Mr. Flynn in Fianna Fáil.

I was in a numbered uniform of massive symbolic importance with nuances of style which clearly defined our social identity.


Culture and symbolic language , once developed through evolution, allow humans to race ahead.

The freedom of much animal behaviour from physically specifiable constraints implies that many animals must have inner representations and symbolic language .


The fact is simply that the two colours do not possess universal symbolic meanings shared by all the peoples of the globe.

And yet, symbolic meanings do not derive only from cultures.

All illnesses carry symbolic meanings as well as the purely physiological.

In other words, a technological breakthrough supposedly ushered in new symbolic meanings .

Comprehension in the sense of understanding sentences is then a semantic matter of deciphering symbolic meanings .

A harmless pleasure can become the gateway to nameless hells when for whatever reasons it begins to carry a significant symbolic meaning .

The attraction of shells has often been enhanced by attributing to them symbolic meanings suggested by more or less fanciful resemblances.

The symbolic meaning of the clothes is the same for all Punjabis.


In order of their emergence, they are deferred imitation, symbolic play , drawing, mental imagery, and spoken language.

Yet Piaget assures us that the free-ranging nature of symbolic play has an essentially functional value and is not simply a diversion.


This power is of course symbolic power.

Witches are simply women who control symbolic power that neither men nor established religious authorities can wrench from them.

Why would anyone wish to seize the symbolic power in such a hounded institution and risk exposure and persecution?


They are symbolic representations , but there's nothing absolute about the type of symbols we use on them.

Consider the variety of symbolic representations in the following: electrical circuit diagrams map of the London Underground medieval picture maps.

Both maintain that there are symbolic representations of the Ultimate whether the Ultimate be depicted as Truth or as the Holy.


His verdict will have to be reversed if he is to play anything more than a symbolic role for a divided opposition.

Jadeite artefacts were prized above all for their symbolic roles .

The question could well be asked why jadeite lost its symbolic role during the Bronze Age.


The body, too, may have its symbolic significance .

But meantime the story is rich in symbolic significance for the travails of our age.

Each separation contains symbolic significance , incorporating transitional stages of liminality.

The horn holds immense symbolic significance .

Certain kinds of behaviour, even when considered on its own, may have a symbolic significance that its witnesses find insulting.

None of this is to downplay the actual and symbolic significance of Lieberman's Jewishness.

Their symbolic significance was also very plain.

Some still hope to find symbolic significance in Darwinism.


This is achieved with the setting up of a relational structure between the meaningful elements of the symbolic system .

Clearly myths are dependent on a language and a symbolic system which is shared, and which is therefore social.

However, it is often regarded as problematic whether or not animals have mental representations, or use symbolic systems or languages.


Surfing had a symbolic value for Hawaiians.

The symbolic value of using or not using a photograph has also been important for advertisers.

Organic materials Most of the materials chiefly esteemed today for their symbolic value are of mineral origin.

Again, the symbolic value of the cross was heightened by the application of gold or silver.


a symbolic painting

The President's trip to Russia was mostly symbolic .

We feel that wearing a red ribbon to support AIDS victims is an important symbolic gesture.


But meantime the story is rich in symbolic significance for the travails of our age.

It was symbolic of the whole thing.

Such language suggests that the riots were less about forcing material change than about making symbolic gestures.

The album cover, with the father of 12-tone music playing Ping-Pong, is an apt symbolic touch.

There can be little doubt that this was in essence for Mrs Whitehouse a symbolic or political victory.

These ten programs contend for a limited number of real and symbolic resources.

Why would anyone wish to seize the symbolic power in such a hounded institution and risk exposure and persecution?

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