Meaning of TENUOUS in English






Fitzwilliam's brothers-in-law also seem to have had ducal connections, although these are more tenuous .

But his links to his government are more tenuous , his loyalties less clear.

The organization that flows from the office of shaikh was more tenuous , more negotiable, but crucial to making peaces.

The final assumption, which is actually a subcategory of the second assumption, may be a bit more tenuous .

My identity was becoming more and more tenuous .

Their ability to control and to recover control of a class is more tenuous , and their reputations are more vulnerable.

The relationship between sociological theories of the causes of crime and theories about its treatment is much more tenuous .

Once we move beyond the primary sensory receiving areas the situation gets even more tenuous .



Shift work added to the tenuous links between incomer men and their Shetlander neighbours.


During this period, Ireland's contact with Rome was often difficult and tenuous .

For both religions, the attachment of the soul to the body was quite tenuous and temporary.

Instead, extraordinarily tenuous arguments were used to relate the competition results to Scott's appointment.

See how indefinite are our shapes, see how tenuous our hold on this world grows?

The family link with her treasure, she says, is rather tenuous .

These rivals scratched out a tenuous existence through a combination of herding animals and marginal cultivation of the soil.

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