Meaning of TIMING in English




a sense of timing (= the ability to choose the right moment to do or say something )

He told the story with an exquisite sense of timing.




I think the main ingredient for success is that you have to have a good sense of timing .

Timing Everything happens so much quicker in stronger winds, so a good sense of timing is needed.

It can be a matter of good timing - and timing as well as luck plays a part in working with nationals.

The second requirement is that of good timing .

That is good timing , n'est-ce pas?


Chapman, with perfect timing , anticipated events by arranging to meet Stephenson at Leeds, on his way home from Birmingham.

Though not the most powerful punch ever thrown, Stretch's right hook was delivered with perfect timing .

The ability of a salesperson to turn the objection into a trial close is dependent upon perfect timing and considerable judgment.

The club was set up late last year, with perfect timing .

Then, with perfect timing , another element entered my life that was soon to prove so important.

For Franco, this was perfect timing for his end-of-year speech.

The Beckwith brothers and Tony Clegg exited from property shares with perfect timing just before the current disastrous recession.


But that does not explain the precise timing .

The problem of historians is to analyse the reasons and the precise timing of the changes.

This kind of action needs precise timing and director Mike Alfreds and his 14 strong cast provide the elegantly energetic execution required.

The precise timing will depend on the convenience of one's clients and the need to obtain a mortgage advance cheque.

If they are rational, firms will realize that such disturbances can occur, even though they can not forecast their precise timing .

The precise timing of this process is largely irrelevant.

The precise timing of this decision remains a mystery.


"Well, life's just full of surprises," she retorted, with a comic's perfect timing .

Even at the end, George Burns never lost his impeccable sense of timing .

He eventually played in another 28 games, but his timing and rhythm never returned.

The voter survey is crucial to the timing of the election.

When you're a comedian, timing is very important.

You guys have good timing , we just started to eat.


A form is a predetermined pattern of techniques that ties together proper posture, balance, coordination and timing .

If guides are to be distributed to students, the timing of this should be planned.

It was not the medium itself, but the poor timing and targeting, that rendered mail junk.

Only recently has the importance of the timing of insulin injections in relation to meals become fully realised.

The first consideration is the timing of the campaign during the year.

This is a major undertaking and constitutes a special project in terms of budgeting, staffing and timing .

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