Meaning of TRACTOR in English





A new tractor of this size would have cost £60,000, a sum that West End Farm couldn't justify.

A man, thirtyish, leaning cross-legged against a new tractor with studded tires.

They designed and built a new tractor mower and turned their former customers into competitors.

They had new weeding tractors and their wheat fields were still being run over by weeds.

Unlike previous Zetor gearboxes, which only had synchromesh on higher gears, the new tractor is all synchro.

And an expensive new lawn tractor .



They had told drivers of 14 civilian tractor trailers carrying supplies to link up with the first convoy.



The 50% who were competent in the basic crop tasks were wives accustomed to drive tractors .

Can you drive a tractor , by the way?

In addition, the Secretary drove the tractor on sundry duties.

He wondered if she could drive a tractor .

He has a man to do the finances, but he drives the tractors and so on.

One morning, Ted drove a tractor and plough into the field and commenced the job.

I couldn't get enthusiastic about driving a tractor all day but I quite enjoy working with these all day.

I drive tractors and struggle in the mud.


All the time the tractor is sinking Through the degrees, deepening Into its hell of ice.

Carla Miller was widowed when a tractor rolled over on her husband.

He opens a surfer shop in Ames, Iowa, right down the street from the tractor repair shop.

I left Don one morning, just after he came in off his tractor from the fields.

It took two additional tractors to disinter the float and permit Hirt and Channing to go on with the show.

Knocked from its invisible supporting cradle of needle-thin tractor beams, the effigy swayed.

That's about what you'd expect for a tractor of this size.

We had to have waders and tractors to go through the streets.

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