Meaning of TRACTOR in English


ˈtraktə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: New Latin, from Latin tractus (past participle of trahere to draw, pull, drag) + -or — more at draw


a. archaic : either of the pair of metal rods used in tractoration

b. : an instrument used to exert traction on a body part or tissue (as in surgical procedures)

2. : an apparatus or device for the draft or sometimes propulsion of another body: as

a. : traction engine 1


(1) : a 4-wheeled or caterpillar-tread rider-controlled automotive vehicle used especially for drawing agricultural or other implements or for bearing and propelling such implements

(2) : a smaller 2-wheeled apparatus controlled through handlebars by a walking operator and used similarly with gardening and lawn implements

c. also tractor truck : a motive power unit in the form of a truck with short chassis and no body used in a combination highway freight vehicle — see full trailer , semitrailer

d. : a small harbor tug (as one designed to draw barges) — called also marine tractor

3. also tractor airplane : an airplane having the propeller forward of the main supporting surfaces — compare pusher

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