Meaning of TRANSPARENCY in English





This is part of an insistence on greater transparency in company dealings.

It could bring about greater price transparency and so more competition for consumers.

The demands of economic restructuring also involve demands for administrative reorganization and greater financial transparency .

The method thus supplies greater transparency and insight and leads to a unified approach offering progress along a wide front.

David Davis, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, is campaigning for greater fairness and transparency .



There he photographed most of the famous tourist attractions and bought home around 50 superb colour transparencies .

Her colour transparencies of the Grand Canyon were particularly well received by the gathering.

The colour screen was then replaced in contact, and fixed together permanently for viewing as a colour transparency .

I then produce a 5 by 4 or a 10 by 8 colour transparency and set it up on a light table.


Its depth determines its purity, and its purity determines its transparency .

The fiasco has shown up the dangers in an industry where reputation often rests more on brand names than transparency .

The normal dieback is 5 percent, the normal transparency , 25 percent.

The partial transparency of the rock allows focussing up and down to assess grain packing.

There's just no interest in transparency .

These variable factors include the depth of the water, its temperature and transparency , and its velocity, among others.

This is aimed at preventing insider dealing and promoting market transparency .

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