Meaning of TRANSPARENT in English






He observed that his ears, made almost transparent by the sunlight, closely resembled a pair of human embryos.

On his head was a fuzz - a fluff of pale downy hair, almost transparent .

The cave is almost transparent , as though made of ice.

In another, an almost transparent green dress is pulled taut over her 34-24-24 curves.


Thanks to technology, airfare pricing is now more transparent to the consumer, and easier to police.

Other regulators seemed likely to applaud the proposal for making more transparent the often murky world of derivatives.

The Ecclestone mess is one reason for the government's decision to make the law more transparent .

And is there a politician in the world with a more transparent edifice complex?

She has pledged to reduce pay differentials to single figures within five years by making pay more transparent through annual surveys.

I loved your note confessing that your feelings for me have made you more transparent .

The move should result in more transparent trading in Brady bonds and shares, they said.


Giles's motive in telling her of his expectations was so transparent that she had lost interest in him.

Then it came to me, and I thought that I had not before seen so transparent a face.

They were so transparent and thin, you could put them through a wedding ring.

And that is one reason why this presidential election is beginning to look so transparent and trivial.

She was so transparent that there seemed nothing but clear skin between what she felt and what she said.

It was like when children try and manipulate you and their efforts are so transparent it makes you hate them.

Nick thought he had never seen anyone so transparent with joy.



When lifted and placed against a transparent plastic sheet they would show up the tiniest particle.

Laminate a thin transparent plastic coating applied to paper or board to provide protection and give it a glossy finish.


a thin transparent fabric

The box has a transparent plastic lid so you can see what's inside.

The boys arms and hands were so thin they seemed almost transparent .

The plastic is transparent .


Dry-fry the onion and garlic in a non-stick pan until the onion is transparent .

He was a visitor from another, undersea world; an innocent, transparent , perfectly gentle alien.

The fading colours and yellowish transparent appearance are clear indications of iron chlorosis caused by deficiencies in iron and trace elements.

The moments when nature seems transparent are evanescent.

The wall was as transparent as glass, but it was as if it revealed only another wall of uniform greyness.

With thin washes and the more transparent pigments, colour differences between the white and tinted sheets will be more apparent.

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