Meaning of TRANSPARENT in English



Pronunciation: tran(t)s- ' per- ə nt

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin transparent-, transparens, present participle of transpar ē re to show through, from Latin trans- + par ē re to show oneself

Date: 15th century

1 a (1) : having the property of transmitting light without appreciable scattering so that bodies lying beyond are seen clearly : PELLUCID (2) : allowing the passage of a specified form of radiation (as X-rays or ultraviolet light) b : fine or sheer enough to be seen through : DIAPHANOUS

2 a : free from pretense or deceit : FRANK b : easily detected or seen through : OBVIOUS c : readily understood d : characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices

synonyms see CLEAR

– trans · par · ent · ly adverb

– trans · par · ent · ness noun

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