Meaning of TRANSPARENT in English


adj. 1 (crystal) clear, pellucid, diaphanous, see-through, limpid, crystalline, sheer, transpicuous I want completely transparent glass in this window, instead of that frosted glass 2 plain, apparent, obvious, evident, unambiguous, patent, manifest, unmistakable or unmistakeable, (crystal) clear, as plain as day, as plain as the nose on (one's) face, undisguised, recognizable, understandable, transpicuous The origin of many English words is transparent because of their spelling 3 candid, open, frank, plain-spoken, direct, unambiguous, unequivocal, straightforward, ingenuous, forthright, above-board, artless, guileless, simple, naïve, undissembling, Colloq on the level, upfront His transparent honesty makes Clive unsuited to a career in diplomacy

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