Meaning of TRAVELLING in English


I. adjective


a touring/travelling exhibition (= one that moves from place to place )

The touring exhibition is scheduled to be in Dallas from March until June.

a travelling companion British English , a traveling companion American English (= someone you travel somewhere with )

I knew that Dave would be a good travelling companion.

a travel/travelling clock (= a small one for taking on journeys )

travelling salesman

travel/travelling expenses

The company will pay the travelling expenses involved in getting to and from the meeting.

within travelling/commuting/driving distance of sth (= near enough to make travel to or from a place possible )

The job was not within travelling distance of my home.




The stables turned out to be remarkably solid structures for a travelling circus , made mostly of wood with canvas roofs.

This year a travelling circus put up its tent and offered the public a horse-riding show.

However, John Reynolds, the latest addition to this high-speed travelling circus , could be one of the surprise packets.


Indeed, I worship the little devil, but only as a travelling companion .

Her travelling companions had quietened, as if some one in authority had arrived.

Blake sighed, and ran to catch up with his travelling companion .

In the back of the taxi, our two temporary travelling companions sit as far apart as possible.

Thesiger invited him and his travelling companion to spend the night with his caravan.

Wilfred Thesiger with travelling companions in southern Arabia.

People who feel sorry for my old bridesmaid and travelling companion are barking up the wrong tree.


After a certain period a job can not be refused on the grounds of low pay or travelling distance from home.

Caterers also face other difficulties, such as keeping food hot and coping with the long travelling distances between the kitchens and wards.

Maximilian has other coffins within travelling distance of the Castle, of course.


A Bradford Museums Service travelling exhibition .


The clergy's travelling expenses are chargeable as extras.

The prize includes up to £500 travelling expenses for you and your party.

She was awarded £60 travelling expenses by the court.

His astronomical travelling expenses all but bankrupted the club, and his non-appearance at over half the games sapped team morale.

A training allowance and travelling expenses for the 16 weeks of the programme.

It was held that he was not entitled to claim his travelling expenses from the advertiser.

The full amount of excess travelling expenses can be reclaimed.

The company also paid travelling expenses for all employees following the move of their department for a six-month period.


While the two sides fight it out, the only winners so far are the travelling public of Stroud.

There have been a number of tragedies involving the travelling public .

And entirely in the interest of the travelling public , you understand.

As I observed in Southampton, that leaves a problem for the travelling public .

Currently, there is no source of redress to which the travelling public can go.

Our primary duty is to the travelling public .

Mr Leech also added that several other services were proving very popular with the travelling public .


The only real hospital case was a travelling salesman who had been shot through the foot.

I am slowly becoming a travelling salesman called Pete.


His father was a travelling salesman and was very rarely at home.


He'd never hankered after the travelling life.

The full amount of excess travelling expenses can be reclaimed.

II. noun




So you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying.

The time travelling , I mean.



And most of that 14 days was spent travelling at the foot of the mountains.

So you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying.

Food writer Joy Davies spent 1987 travelling in search of exotic new recipes.

His days are spent travelling by boat ministering to the Catholics in his scattered parish.


Age does not matter I like reading, travelling , making friends and photography.

For a chart-busting pop star with a heavy travelling schedule - like Sinitta - it is particularly hard.

Scottie loved travelling and behaved splendidly during the long drives and sailing periods.

When railway travelling commenced, Mr Wright was wiser than many other coach operators.

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