Meaning of UNDERGROUND in English


I. adjective


a tube/underground train (= one that runs under London )

The condition of many tube trains is a disgrace.

an underground tunnel

The prisoners escaped through an underground tunnel.

an underground/subterranean passage

The air in these underground passages is cold and damp.

an underground/undersea cable

The electricity will be transmitted by undersea cables.




Rivers have been restored to healthy levels and, more importantly, this rain is at last reaching the water-permeable rocks deep underground .

Nervous trembles ached in her legs and the floor was vibrating fractionally with the movement of some train deep underground .

After 50 years the waste will probably be buried deep underground .



Almost a third of the water feeding Los Angeles is now pumped from underground aquifers .


Now it plans to use its underground cable network to offer customers a telephone service as well.


I don't think he meant to yell, it was just that his voice echoed a lot in the underground car park.

The nearby Brancusi workshop will be entirely rebuilt and an underground car park constructed under the piazza to accommodate tourist coaches.

There is a large underground car park opposite the hotel.


Squeeze along on your hands and knees, then wriggle flat on your stomach, and you may reach an underground cavern .

Two hundred code writers, broken down into teams, entered the project as if it were some underground cavern .

They would require extensive tunnelling through limestone under the Judean Hills where there was a danger of underground caverns or water.

Evidence showed that almost twice as much gas had been loaded into the underground cavern , resulting in the blast.

These are great vaulted underground caverns , the roof supported by columns which display a wide variety of capital design.


Fenn stood and, hands on hips, scanned the underground chamber once more.

Some accounts say the gallae stored them in underground chambers to be used in mystery rites.

He took her into an underground chamber which seemed to be a kind of store room.


Individual workers similarly disappear into the underground economy where social charges and taxes are not paid.

They were significantly overrepresented in the underground economy , where they were prey to exploitation.


They said little after that and Sorge was soon being escorted, with Nowak, down to the underground garage .

However, no one got out and the driver pulled into an underground garage and away from the people.

They drove directly into the underground garage off Hermann Goering Strasse.

He parked the car in an underground garage near the hotel.


They contained fresh and astonishing details of underground movements and midnight rendezvous.

That is why Le Monde took the unusual step of acting as a mouthpiece for the representatives of underground movements .

But instead he returned to Hue as an organizer for an underground movement .

Although Patriots capture headlines and boast of a massive underground movement , they are so amorphous that counting them is guesswork.


An underground network of activists has begun helping the new arrivals to elude police.

It presents the underground network as a geometric grid.

Training for ministry was only possible through an underground network of theological seminars with few Bibles, or other books.

There must be a vast underground network of spies.


An exciting feature here is an underground passage leading to a cave deep beneath the ruins.

Will was impressed by the architecture of the Capitol, especially the underground passages .

The air in these underground passages was cold, chill as the water in a deep well.

Twelve people died after a bomb ripped through a busy underground passage at Moscow's Pushkin Square during the rush-hour last week.

Some of these riverbank cave entrances are submerged when the river is in spate making their underground passages subject to sudden flooding.

We found two underground passages , one to the sea and one to the landward side.

When at last they found the Canons among the underground passages , the two old men had begun to recover themselves a little.

It was one of those you entered by means of a short underground passage .


The Glasgow underground railway system like the London underground counterpart has some very strange and totally unexplained events.

In its day it built the world's first by-pass and dug the world's first underground railway .

The London Underground map is really a diagram of underground railway lines.

At least 150 miles of new rapid transit and underground railways are envisaged in the next 20 to 30 years.


She was handed a map and told to make her own way to the nearest underground station .

Now I suppose I shall have to tramp back to Moorgate underground station , before I can find a cab.

In 1971 the Pelham Street premises were threatened with demolition as London Transport wanted to re-develop the underground station .

It was swallowed up by London Transport, who owned the site, and became part of South Kensington underground station .

Closest underground stations , Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

It will enable the promoters greatly to improve capacity and the safety of passenger flows at the London underground station .

Transport amenities are poor, with the nearest London underground station a twenty-minute bus ride away.


The water is some 20 feet down: a pool fed by a diverted underground stream .

And I read that many cathedrals were built on ancient pagan sites, which in turn were built over underground streams .

The Forest of Dean is riddled with underground streams and springs.

Is the Black Virgin a symbol of the hidden Church and of the underground stream ?

Erosion was caused by solution of the rocks and by the mud and pebbles moving in the underground stream .

We have seen how many of the Neolithic monuments, such as Silbury Hill, were built over underground streams .

Bless the underground stream that gave the town its water, and pray that it flows for ever and ever.


They move along the underground systems to either emerge in due course or stay tight to rabbits they have encountered.

Now the whole complex underground system is interlocked and related, and meticulously mapped.


Buses and underground trains were so expensive that it was no longer accurate to regard them as public transport.

Recent power surges disrupted underground train service between the terminal and concourses.

They were joined by underground train drivers in the capital.

Adtranz manufactures electric and diesel locomotives, high-speed trains , streetcars and underground trains, and signal and traffic-control systems.

We had seen the little underground train which congressmen rode and we had visited one of our senators in his office.

She was calling me from central London, having travelled there with her young son on the underground train .

There they transferred to the Métro, taking the rubber-wheeled underground train on the Neuilly line to the west of the city.

Yet Laura failed to conquer fully her fear of water or enclosed places and was never able to use underground trains .


There's an underground tunnel that goes from here to an empty tomb in the churchyard.

It feels like an underground tunnel down there, the walls thick and heavy, the air damp and cool.

Tabitha found herself being diverted down a long underground tunnel to the civil concourse.

Gophers, which travel via underground tunnels , make a fan-shaped mound of dirt.

Earlier in the day passengers were forced to walk through an underground tunnel after a train partially derailed.

C., has an underground tunnel running from the government offices to the Capitol.


Equally threatening are the dozens of federally subsidized cattle ranches that have depleted underground water sources used by antelope and bighorn sheep.

The chemical has filtered into underground water supplies.

The worrying fact is that serious over-use is drying up some of our rivers and natural underground water levels.

Traditional rural dowsers used wooden sticks to locate underground water .

Agriculture in the south will suffer as underground water is exhausted and already sparse summer rain disappears.

The dumps were generating explosive gases and leaching noxious chemicals that polluted underground water sources.

A layer of plastic provides the only protection from seepage into the soil and underground water .

A workman has died and another was seriously injured after an underground water pipe burst.


underground nuclear testing

an underground newspaper

The office's parking garage is underground .


A private consortium has financial backing for a scheme to build an entire underground toll-road system.

Also, underground conditions were significantly different from what was anticipated.

Amplification of this energy promotes fertilization of the surrounding area via underground water-courses.

But instead he returned to Hue as an organizer for an underground movement.

If it is chosen, the underground site could start receiving canisters of waste in 2010, Olds said.

Slowly an underground resistance movement grew, catering for discriminating customers.

The gas, which seeps out of the earth from underground uranium deposits, can collect in dangerous concentrations in some houses.

II. adverb




Fresh air bases were set up in Bank Mine and a team of brave and dedicated doctors went underground to assist.

Instead of changing its policies, however, the government went underground .

But some of the activity has gone underground .

Like the Sleepers of Ephesus, ideas go underground for a few centuries to re-emerge when times are more propitious.

A few days later, Valenzuela went underground .

If company policies are too stringent or punitive, couples simply go underground .

Mina got the tip-off just in time and they became U-boats, went underground .

It is as if, in the face of attack, cockfighting already has gone underground .


Red tape and bureaucracy are the most frequently given reasons for people working underground .


The insect spends most of its life underground , eating roots and stems.


Dining: Restaurants are open in the visitor center and underground , near the Big Room.

Of this amount, about 30 percent can be mined at the surface; the balance is underground .

Over the next few days, though, the signs of what was happening underground became more severe.

The industry is now investigating sites in which to dump nuclear waste underground .

There is now a through route underground between Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Cave but only for brave men.

Three of the stations are underground , and the last two at surface level.

When he was making an underground survey of the New Almaden mine he stayed underground for twenty hours at a stretch.

III. noun


A desire to remind Rome of its arrogance remained latent in the Celtic underground .

But out of necessity, the underground continued to flourish.

But the scale of recruitment to the revolutionary underground suggests that it can not be explained in terms of individual maladjustment.

His father, Wei Zilin, worked in the Communist underground in the 1930s.

I found that I was a natural boss of a prison underground .

No way do the charts tell the whole story - the new underground is of much more interest and relevance.

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