Meaning of VALID in English




a legitimate/valid excuse (= one that is true and that other people cannot criticize )

He didn’t have a legitimate excuse for being late.

a reasonable/valid assumption

This seemed like a reasonable assumption.

a valid passport (= one that is officially acceptable )

For travel abroad, you must have a valid passport.

a valid point

She raised a number of valid points.

a valid ticket (= one that is legally or officially acceptable )

You cannot travel without a valid ticket.

a valid/legitimate reason (= a good and acceptable reason )

An employer can’t fire someone without a valid reason.

a valid/useful/meaningful comparison (= a reasonable one, based on sensible information )

There is not enough data for a valid comparison to be made.




Kussmaul's observation is also valid for other types of work.

But there are also valid reasons for optimism.

Spaces are also valid but these are not significant.

The second assumption is also valid if we confine the analysis to a reasonable range of operations.


The doctors' case for the retention of pay beds was a strong one, although not as valid as was represented.

Each is as valid and probable a version of the twentieth century as the one recorded in our newspaper files.

Mr Christopher's February list is as valid as ever.

Do recognize that positive comments are as valid as negative ones.

The principles of homoeopathy, as laid down by Hahnemann, are as valid today as they were in his time.

The question of management and legal representation for aspiring new-comers is just as valid in publishing as it is in recording.

Gentle exercise such as walking is as valid when you are old as it is when you are young.

The passive person does not allow their needs to take precedence over or be as valid as, another's.


Thus, in nearly all its occurrences, either use of the adjective criminal would be equally valid .

There are other, equally valid , ways into this symphony.

Whatever method you adopt, the following principles are equally valid and need to be taken into account. 1.

Your clocks are equally valid only if you each continue to occupy an inertial reference frame.

A second and equally valid argument is that the publishing world is an invaluable source of knowledge.

A reading that cancels out the contradictory and equally valid meanings the text yields does not do justice to its complexity.

It is equally valid to use, for example, 20°C, 30°C and 40°C or 20°C, 35°C and 50°C.

Each is equally valid and must be dealt with in its own terms.


Causal inferences are constructions built upon foundations of assumptions, and can not be more valid than the assumptions.

This approach is no more valid today than it has been in the past.

How might more valid data be gathered 5.


Vouchers are only valid for rallies taking place before 31st December 1991.

Self-written or pre-printed wills are only valid if signed by two witnesses at the same time.


The time ranges associated with these compositions are rather approximate, but are in general still perfectly valid .

One is of course free to do so, and from certain perspectives, it is perfectly valid to do so.

Perhaps women choose this style because it fits with their own, perfectly valid interactional or social goals.

This is a perfectly valid deduction.

But consent by a person in Hobbes's state of nature can be perfectly valid .

That argument, by the way, I am not rejecting; it is a perfectly valid response.

But it still didn't stop me having a perfectly valid opinion on the parlous state of contemporary kits.


Although it is not statistically valid , it is based on objective data.

There are so few accidents that comparing accident rates is not statistically valid .

Having a statistically valid set on which to train a network is important.


Bricklayer Mark Tobin has already done so ... and his policy is still valid .

Are the reasons still valid , or am I maintaining a merely sentimental tie?

Though elusive, the goal of a new order is still valid .

Is the concept of class still valid if most people do not identify themselves with the classes specified by the analyst?

We must be aware of this and constantly compare the copy with the real thing to see if it is still valid .

Other people are contacting alternative insurance brokers in Aylesbury to try to find out if their policies are still valid .

They were told last night that their policies are still valid .



A second and equally valid argument is that the publishing world is an invaluable source of knowledge.

No serious thinker can make a valid argument that to discriminate based on species is acceptable.

Inductive arguments are not logically valid arguments.

Similarly, one of the few obviously valid arguments in favour of capital punishment is that executed offenders never re-offend afterwards.

There are valid arguments about prison overcrowding and the size of Britain's jail population.


The above documents should provide sufficient proof that a valid claim exists under the policy.

The difficulty comes in identifying what constitutes a valid claim .


There is no valid comparison with drugs.

But at this point, no valid comparison can be made between their clocks, for they are separated.


The first stage in each investigation was to list the information the committee required before it could reach a valid conclusion .

Because of the way data were collected, no valid conclusions could be drawn about the geographic distribution of incidents.

This may be a valid conclusion .


Accepting criticism Accepting valid criticism is also part of this group of assertive actions.

But neither do we have to be defensive if they occasionally have a valid criticism .

Its tone is playful and frivolous but it makes some valid criticisms .

There are, however, a number of valid criticisms which can be made of the study.


But that is not a valid excuse .

There was the valid excuse to delay the marriage because air force regulations stipulated only unmarried men may enter pilot training school.


Please supply a valid name and password.


It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any visa which may be necessary.

If you do not already hold a valid passport , application forms may be obtained from the Post Office.

A valid passport is essential when you travel abroad.


A shudder ran through her as she suddenly remembered one very valid point .

On the other hand, they have a valid point .

Mr. Scott My hon. Friend makes a valid point .

In other words, they both have valid points , which is often the case in an open and honest debate.

No point in inviting a rooster to a hen party, especially if he has a valid point to make.

He makes some valid points that I should like to bring to the House's attention.


Povert drudgery and loneliness are valid reasons for sadness; beyond and beneath, far outreaching them all, is unrequited love.

But there are also valid reasons for optimism.

But a complete justification of authority has to do more than to provide valid reasons for its acceptance.

A 1977 Supreme Court ruling permits police stopping a car for valid reasons to order drivers to exit.

Liberty is proposing regulations, including a rule requiring anyone installing cameras to supply the authorities with valid reasons for doing so.

The desire to persist in interrogation is a valid reason for keeping a suspect in custody for thirty-six hours and indeed beyond.

Maybe there was a valid reason to steer Udal away from the notebooks.

There are many valid reasons for this as the logistics of organising a journey around Britain are complicated.


The ease and speed with which the required number of valid signatures were obtained was impressive.

He said the party is still trying to get enough valid signatures to win ballot access in Texas.

Organizers need the valid signatures of 480, 000 voters by April 19 to qualify for the November ballot.

A total of 15, 604 valid signatures will be needed to force an election.


Kerekou won by an unsurprisingly huge margin: 86 percent of the valid votes cast compared with 16 percent for Amoussou.

He won 298 of 484 valid votes against 155 for his closest rival, the former prime minister Ryutaro Hashimoto.

In many states the number of blank and spoilt votes exceeded the number of valid votes cast.

In Ruari Quinn's constituency 38,270 valid votes were cast.

The Conservative vote dropped from 59.9 percent of the valid vote at the 1987 general election, to 40.9 percent.

The total turnout casting valid votes was 64.1 percent.


It is recognized that there are many valid ways of growing older.

They only need to be sure that their arguments are valid ways of ascertaining truth.

I have suggested that many people believe that there is a valid way of life argument against closing any rural primary school.

On this basis, it is suggested that the test offers a valid way of screening for linguistic disorders.

There may, obviously, be other equally valid ways of approaching this.

This is also a valid way and can produce better results than the scientific way of working.


a valid driver's license

Many of Rousseau's ideas are just as valid today as they were in the 18th century.

My passport is valid for 10 years.

The government still hasn't produced a valid argument in favour of its policies on immigration.

The tourist visa is valid for three months.

They had some valid concerns about the safety of the airplane.

This may not be a valid conclusion - we haven't tested it thoroughly yet.

Your ticket is valid for travel at any time of the day.


All of those criticisms are valid .

Both certificates are valid for three months and the ceremony must take place in the district where notice has been given.

But at this point, no valid comparison can be made between their clocks, for they are separated.

He says they can even zoom in on tax discs to see if they're valid .

Incorrect or invalid names are mentioned following the valid ones.

It is obvious that students should not believe that their own ideas by themselves are valid .

Oh, so you say the translation is not valid .

Please supply a valid name and password.

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