Meaning of VIRTUAL in English



a virtual stranger (= someone you hardly know )

I hadn't seen him for so long that he seemed like a virtual stranger.

virtual extinction (= being very nearly extinct )

The deer has been hunted to virtual extinction.

virtual memory

virtual office

Does the virtual office equal freedom or isolation?

virtual reality




They would be bound to see such a use as virtual expropriation, without compensation.

He had ramps built for public appearances and used his sons as virtual crutches.



In fairness to its selectors one must stress the virtual absence of any important body of writing expressing an alternative Left viewpoint.

The problem lies in the virtual absence of water in the Martian atmosphere.

In the headwaters of most rivers there are large tracts of agricultural land and a virtual absence of industrial discharges.


It can already be said with virtual certainty that lamb will never be as cheap again.

Raymond Burns and the vastly experienced Garth McGimpsey must be considered virtual certainties .


This problem was to plague the new party until its virtual disappearance from the scene after the 1987 general election.

The virtual disappearance of the moon glow then lights up the stars in the darkened sky.


Then, he sets his virtual environment to run just a little faster than that comfort level.


A micro-kernel uses inter-process communication and virtual memory and is able to split operating system functions across CPUs or distributed systems.

More memory will make a huge difference in performance since the Mac has a fairly dismal form of virtual memory.

It also comes with a programmers interface that enables users to customise virtual memory features.


Microsoft, which has had a virtual monopoly , has managed 53 % a year.

Fan has said Citic supports challenging the virtual monopolies enjoyed by Cathay and Telecom.

It acquired and developed the original photocopier technology and in its heyday it had a virtual monopoly and made huge profits.

He thought they could be beaten-that their virtual monopoly of the running shoe market could be overthrown.

In many cases a virtual monopoly service has been involved and the direct target has been the public.

Since the boycott of eastern goods was not totally effective, it enabled Gentile merchants to establish a virtual monopoly in commerce.

The state's former virtual monopoly of enterprises was reduced with the expansion of the private sector.

The final task is to reconsider the virtual monopoly of the final examination as the instrument of selection.


What will the symbols of success be in the virtual office ?


The virtual particle can interact with the magnetic field and affect the moment of the muon.

Again, the photons that are exchanged are virtual particles .

The suggestion is that the whole of the Universe is filled with virtual particles .

Experiments have shown that these virtual particles are indeed present, although we can not detect them directly.


He chose to do nothing, and for a time remained in a distant castle as a virtual prisoner of conscience.

Without knowing it, we can be virtual prisoners of all this judging.

The young James found himself a virtual prisoner of the Red Douglases in Edinburgh castle.


It's like virtual reality I suppose.

But these Escondido students have elevated the missions to near virtual reality status.

Adrift in a sea of virtual reality ?

The whole operation had been compressed into the virtual reality of Macintosh.

Such virtual reality systems are already in existence today and foreshadow far more powerful developments likely within a few years.

For some, the new Times Square is itself an exercise in virtual reality come to life.

The technology of virtual reality uses a computer to map a user's body and senses directly into a digital world.

It goes to show you the gap between reality and virtual reality in military thinking.


They drove back to Newmarket in virtual silence .

At first he listened to the tongue-lashing in virtual silence .

On reaching the city centre the generator goes off and the bus runs on in virtual silence .

How to explain the shift from virtual silence to obsession?

We drive to the cottage in virtual silence , our minds working overtime.

It meant some women sat in virtual silence , unable to speak, even in the relative security of women's groups.


From a virtual standstill he jumped over.

And bringing an already faltering economy to its knees, transport workers brought the country to a virtual standstill in December.

The economy comes to a virtual standstill as the population is forced to turn to print and writing for communication purposes.

Sinn Fein is excluded from peace talks that are now at a virtual standstill .


She'd never been away from home before and her new husband and in-laws were virtual strangers .

He was a virtual stranger to others living in Evesham Court and police still haven't confirmed his identity.

How dared this man, a virtual stranger , stir up these doubts in so private an area of her life?


It will become a virtual world that we inhabit as an observer or a participant.

Want to explore some virtual worlds of your own?

Superscape supports networked virtual worlds created with its networks option.

A 3-D card is the crucial component in making a virtual world and its inhabitants look and function as its makers intended.

This also models sound reflections off or through the other objects in the virtual world .

If a team could bring a manager into its virtual world , the review process would shorten dramatically.

Step two pulled the trappings of the outside reality into this virtual world .

The tablet become a page become a screen become a world , a virtual world.


Children were forced to work as virtual slaves in the factories.

The two countries are locked in a virtual state of war.


Others see even more practical applications for these virtual places.

She retains virtual control of her sons, the eldest of whom firmly remains second in line to the throne.

The days of virtual 3-D chess are some way off yet.

Without knowing it, we can be virtual prisoners of all this judging.

You can make your choice of virtual lavatory wall on which to scribble a message.

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