Meaning of WAR in English



a devastating war

It will take a long time for the region to recover from such a devastating war.

a horror/adventure/war film

He likes watching horror films.

a propaganda war

He denied the existence of any political prisoners, dismissing the claims as part of a propaganda war.

a state of war

Syria was still in a state of war with Israel.

a war correspondent

Being a war correspondent is a dangerous job.

a war hero (= a soldier who was very brave in a war )

Coming home, he was hailed as a war hero.

a war wound

He walked with a limp, the result of an old war wound.

a war/battle/combat zone

Planes were diverted to avoid flying over the war zone.

all-out war/attack/offensive etc

bring peace/war

The treaty brought peace to both England and France.

civil war (= fighting between groups of people in the same country )

His family fled Spain during the Spanish civil war.

civil war

the Spanish Civil War

cold war

council of war


Neither country is capable of fighting a long war .

First World War

full-scale attack/war/riot etc

guerrilla war/warfare

American troops found themselves fighting a guerrilla war.

holy war

on a war footing (= ready to go to war at any time )

The whole country was on a war footing .

on the brink of death/disaster/war etc

In October 1962 the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war.

The company had huge debts and was on the brink of collapse.

phoney war

price war

prisoner of war

the class struggle/war (= disagreement or fighting between different classes )

the class struggle between workers and capitalists

the end of the war

The two men met once again before the end of the war.

the fight/war against terrorism

ideas on how the international community can further the war against terrorism

the Great War old-fashioned (= World War I )

the spoils of war/victory etc

the war effort

Taxes were raised to support the war effort.

the war on drugs (= a long struggle by the authorities to control drugs )

The war on drugs continues.

the war years

She worked for the BBC during the war years.

turf war/battle (= a fight or argument over the areas or things you think belong to you )

turf wars among government bureaucracies

wage war (on sb/sth)

The police are waging war on drug pushers in the city.

war chest

The government’s huge war chest could be used to improve transport.

war crime

He was put on trial for war crimes.

war crimes tribunal (= court judging war crimes )

an international war crimes tribunal

war crimes (= serious crimes committed during a war )

war cry

war dance

war effort

war game

war memorial

war of attrition

a war of attrition

war of attrition

war of nerves

war of words

War on Terrorism

war paint

Josie’s just putting on her war paint.

war widow

war zone

win a battle/war

Who won the battle of Waterloo?

world war

fears of another world war




In so doing, they probably constituted the most important single cause of the subsequent civil war and revolution.

It is possible that the wars of 573 to 575 marked the worst period of civil war in sixth-century Francia.

In this case long term aid would also have to include ending the civil war by some form of intervention if necessary.

He consequently witnessed the February days, the potential civil war at a distance.

Who have become grotesquely richer as children die in civil wars fought in their inner cities?

In fact civil wars may not have endangered the Merovingian state to the extent that Gregory implies.

The latest fighting in Jaffna coincides with new efforts by the government to the 17-year civil war through constitutional changes.


Since the end of the cold war there has been no one to fund conflicts in the Middle East.

But above all, the cold war was over.

Britains aerospace industries suffered badly when the cold war ended 4 years ago.

And the cold war procedures, routines and language sprang back into action.

The wage erosion, of course, started before the end of the cold war .

I do not want to suggest that Stalin had nothing to do with the origins of the cold war .

The height of the cold war was also the period which has come to be known as the golden age of capitalism.


This is a holy war , you know - spiritual health is more important than the physical kind.

That misunderstanding led to holy wars .

But a United Nations expert from Oxford University says action could lead to a holy war .

Political self-interest and holy war combined to demolish for good the huge structure of empire.

In the eyes of ordinary folk, the crusade was a holy war for the sake of war.

Great Groups are engaged in holy wars .

They were the perfect soldiers for Aenarion's holy war .

The intense zeal on both sides is culminating in a sort of end-of-the-century holy war .


And for a while, the world looked terrifyingly on the edge of nuclear war .

The risks of an escalation to nuclear war were small.

Now despite years of steady disarmament they're all talking about nuclear war again, and more intensely than ever before.

Ronald Reagan was deplored as a firebrand who might bring on a nuclear war .

Who, today, believes that a nuclear war would do more good than harm?

Surface bursts of large nuclear weapons are an essential part of strategic nuclear war .

All these were heresies from a Marxist standpoint but then Marx had not foreseen the coming of nuclear war .

The use of nuclear weapons against urban targets is almost inevitable in a nuclear war .



Clinton has a full war chest and no Democratic opponent to worry about.

The dairymen accumulated a war chest of $ 1 million, and spread half of it in congressional elections.

Lockyer is better known statewide and commands a heftier campaign war chest than Calderon.

The example of Phil Gramm, who had a large war chest but could not move voters, buttressed his argument.

Much of that money already was in the Clinton-Gore war chest .

Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers.

It has a war chest of $ 40 million to spend each year on advertising.

And he still has a war chest of $ 263, 417.


He is charged with 20 war crimes , including genocide and crimes against humanity.

It was set up after a three-year campaign by an all-party war crimes group.

The outside world talks of a war crimes tribunal but nobody supposes that anything will come of that.

Anger at what has been perpetrated and an insistence on due process are the essential combination in dealing with war crimes .

In other societies these would be war crimes , to be tried and punished.

Its jurisdiction would be limited to the Yugoslav conflict and to war crimes committed after 1 January 1991.

Aggressors are grabbing territory; war crimes are being committed.


If Mr Putin wants to coddle war criminals , let him do it on his own nickel.

The war criminals Nixon and Kissinger have destroyed it.

The political will in Canberra to pursue war criminals has long since run out.

The war criminals issue was her first chance to prove herself as his successor.

The pursuit of war criminals , if carried out firmly but prudently, could yet help rather than hinder peace in Bosnia.

It is an open secret, however, that soldiers are not to arrest war criminals they encounter.


We also found a whole batch of papers which we thought might be vital to the war effort .

He could not participate in the war effort .

Equally important was its decision to combine support for the war effort and for the Government with the most vigorous campaigning politics.

Meldola was, by now, an ailing and weary man, overcome by excessive worry and work for the growing war effort .

The war effort necessitated rational redeployment of workforce resources.

The results were certainly dramatic in terms of the war effort .

Brains from those murdered were purloined for neuroscience research unrelated to the war effort .

They was making us make baskets, for the war effort .


The Gulf war , which could have spelt disaster for Airtours and many other travel companies, ended quickly.

Sales were hit early on by the Gulf war and profits fell 19 p.c. to £2.8m.

After the Gulf war , thousands of Kurdish refugees fled to the mountains.

The end of the Gulf war has prompted Rover Group to increase exports of its cars.

Today it is a military base with a long runway from which B-52 bombers were launched during the Gulf war .

The new gulf war Public culture is left; private culture is right.


What right had I to tarnish the reputation of an acknowledged war hero and needlessly distress his family?

Stewart was viewed in Washington as something of a war hero .

A war hero unmasked as a traitor.

Then the war heroes came back home and bumped Lucky out ofhis place at the livery.

All this and a war hero to boot.

We were both war heroes , and both of us had just been elected to Congress.

I keep forgetting he's a war hero .

Local Republicans figured a wounded war hero would be a natural political candidate.


If you like mighty, if quirky, war machines , then you can choose steam tanks and war wagons.

They become instant targets for enemy war machines !

They are difficult to destroy, although a hit from another war machine or large monster may be sufficient to cause damage.

War Machines 0-25% Up to a quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on war machines.

For example, you can spend up to 25% of your army's points value on war machines .

Could I really be part of a war machine ?

In December Pearl Harbor brought a new urgency to the task of converting the economy into a vast war machine .

As with all small units you have to be wary of war machines and magic.


It had been commissioned by students and was situated near the official war memorial on Hewitt Plaza.

We had staked out the war memorial where the secret meeting was destined to occur.

A Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament banner was unfurled and carried round the war memorial before one of those carrying it was arrested.

The village band, all discordant trumpetings and squeaks, led the congregation in procession to the war memorial .

In 1918 he chaired a war memorials committee and organized nationwide pyrotechnic displays in celebration of the armistice.

For many years his family thought he was dead, and his name was only recently removed from the village war memorial .

Charles and Diana did not speak as they climbed into their limousine to drive to the war memorial .

The heavy plaque was stolen from the war memorial in King's Gardens, Bootle, four weeks ago.


Essentially, the talks were hostile: Morgan used the threat of price war to force firms to sell out and merge.

A price war is not to be excluded.

The caution was due to a dark cloud on Airtours' horizon: the rumour of a possible price war .

Hundreds of smaller chains and stores went out of business, many hurt by price wars waged by appliance chains.

Time allowed 02:26 Read in studio Small garages in the region could be forced out of business in a new petrol price war .

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers will have a price war .

Others, like General Motors, have had to pull in their sails to weather the storm of a price war .

The issue of how growing competition among online service providers might lead to a price war arose this year.


Could this be a prelude to a trade war even more destructive of world prosperity than a military war?

But trade war fears continued to undermine brewers with Guinness down 6p to 510p.

Nevertheless, the danger of a tax trade war remains.

With the spectre of a ruinous trade war looming which could spread like wildfire round the world.

Second, we have seen off the threat of a world trade war which would have destroyed any hope of economic recovery.

And without it, a trade war could devastate already shaky world economies.


The imaginary war , at least for the first 20 years after the war, reproduced the solutions of the second world war.

Mr Major and his chancellor, Norman Lamont, still have the lowest poll ratings since the second world war .

The world war one aircraft have starred in dozens of films like Indiana Jones and Aces High.

The whispering against Bradman increased during the second world war .

The accurate identification of ships and aircraft during the recent world wars was of major importance.

She contributed to the design of anti-aircraft searchlights used in both world wars .

Male speaker To the second world war and the Blitz.

Conventional weapons would not have much of an offensive application in a world war in this era.


Trade during the war years declined from over 2.5 million tons in 1939 to just over 1 million tons in 1944.

Nothing much happened with the Kings River and Kern River projects during the middle war years .

Perhaps arising from the close personal comradeship of those war years was Basil's empathy with ordinary working folk.

My favorite memory from the war years .

During the war years we were very short of backstage staff, so John was allowed to continue.

Indeed, many changes introduced by management in the post-cold-war years read like a catalogue of the misbegotten.

It was a habit picked up in the war years and difficult to break.

Sadly, the war years interrupted the programme, though a few short botanical notes did appear between 1939 and 1945.


He could be sent to another war zone at any time.

Pusan was the only region that was not in an active war zone .

Mr Smith, a Northampton headmaster, has been involved in bringing hundreds of refugees to Britain from the Yugoslav war zone .

One cautious council member thought the parish would be asking for trouble by starting a sister-parish relationship in a war zone .

If they stayed in the war zone they would face almost certain death.

It looks like a war zone tip here, and perhaps it is.

In Kitwe city centre normality ceased altogether and the area resembled a war zone .

The school is in the thick of a war zone between two rival gangs.



The creatures of Darkness have declared this war .

They have all but declared war on three government initiatives planned in and around the town.

Homosexuals, they claim, have declared war on nature, and nature has exacted an awful retribution.

He has no power to initiate or declare a war either against a foreign nation or a domestic State.

And last night they declared war .

And for them, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has declared a war on words.

By only a four-vote margin, the Congress declares war against Britain.

Political power lies on the side of those who declare a holy war against inflation.


The peace of Utrecht ended the war proper in 1713, but desultory skirmishes carried on until 1714.

At this time, however, the Jacksonians were suffering increasing criticism for their inability to end the war .

The plot concerns a strategy conceived and agreed by the women of the world to end all wars .

These various statements amounted to straws in the wind rather than a fully defined policy for ending the war .

His strong hand ended the furious civil wars and brought about the Pax Augusta, which lasted for nearly half a century.

He almost single-handedly brokered a peace deal with secessionist rebels in Chechnya last fall, thereby ending an inordinately bloody war .


I Pressed home the usual arguments about duty and not fighting the war for the privilege of going to the cinema.

The virus fought a war and it lost, for the time being, anyway.

Many were in their 20s, too young to have fought in a war that ended in 1979.

Repercussions from the war roll far beyond the sorrow of families directly touched by 15 months of fighting .

Perhaps when we stopped asking what it meant to be fighting a war in Northern Ireland.

Traditionalists fought back in a war of words that continues to this day.

They tell of an army of warriors who fought a terrible war .

The two nations have history of hostility and have fought three wars since they both gained independence from Britain in 1947.


But, though we have won the argument, we are losing the war .

Chennault and Alsop were losing the bureaucratic war .

For the Treasury this presented a golden opportunity to recover its traditional dominance which it had lost during the war .

We will lose some of those wars .

The Tories, the victors in the battle of ideas, look like losing the political war .

We lost this war as soon as we started it.

The only vaguely reassuring sign is that the right seems to be losing the graffiti war .

This was what it felt like to win a victory and lose the war .


The Thatcher government waged unceasing war on the professional state.

And designing and implementing new mercantile processes is the most powerful weapon available to wage that war effectively.

It brought war , but it can also bring down those who waged war.

The decision to wage an all-out war against inflation in a country that is not prone to inflation risks disaster.

Mr Eigen plans to wage his war diplomatically.

It was as if he wanted to test the laxity and freedoms of waging war up in here.

Obviously you can not wage war without taxing.

There is recognition of the political resistance at home to waging wars against the colonial revolution in the name of anticommunism.


Planning was winning the war , it would win the peace.

Like Los Alamos, it was cradled by mountains and hastily built in order to win a war from an odd angle.

Nor, by the way, will it win the drugs war .

It was never their intention to win the war outright in this period.

They had won the war , but they lost the peace.

Denis Sassou-Nguesso was sworn in as president after winning through war the power he could not hold in peace.

Rangers, meanwhile, are convinced they possess enough heavy artillery to win the war tonight.

Code-making and code-breaking played a vital role in winning the war .


all's fair in love and war

Ah, come on; all's fair in love and war, Cameron.

declare war (on sb/sth)

Embassy, demanding they declare war on the Third World.

Homosexuals, they claim, have declared war on nature, and nature has exacted an awful retribution.

In 1686 they declared war on him in order to establish a separate company state from which they could trade.

On questions of foreign policy, only Congress can declare war or appropriate the money necessary to fight it.

There was little the Phoenix King could do but finally declare war against one of his own realms.

They have all but declared war on three government initiatives planned in and around the town.

When the Bush administration declared war on drugs, it had no idea what worked.

the Cold War

However, the cold war is over looked.

I do not want to suggest that Stalin had nothing to do with the origins of the cold war.

Its front-line position in the Cold War era was of no importance by 1991.

Now the Cold War is over.

These policies also served to institutionalise the Cold War.

the First World War


War veterans claim that they were exposed to chemical weapons while fighting in the Gulf.

a war hero and former fighter pilot

Gas stations in the city are involved in a price war .

In 1874, war broke out in Europe again.

In the months leading up to the outbreak of war , both countries were involved in a massive arms build-up.

Iran's seven-year war with Iraq

More Americans died in the Civil War than in World War II.

the Spanish-American War

the Vietnam War

When the war ended in 1945, Europe was in chaos.

Who won the Franco-Prussian War ?


In 1931, more than twenty veterans of foreign wars were among the patients at Carville.

It is said that this ghost still beats his eerie tattoo during times of war .

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