Meaning of WAREHOUSE in English




bonded warehouse

warehouse store




Very large warehouse volumes may be involved - Ford, Dagenham is of the order of 225,000m 3.

That means we know your business's needs-whether a small office or a large warehouse .

It was a large warehouse that had been converted by the addition of beds into a dormitory.

He supervised operations from a large warehouse at Greenwich on the Thames, whence he supplied the metropolitan market in particular.

Sixty-five acres of cinders surround some single-story office buildings and several large warehouses .

An approximate total of some 2,000 tons of aircraft ancillary equipment is held in stock in four large warehouses .

Detectives now believe that 25-year-old Stephanie was held in a large workshop or warehouse type building.


By 1784 a new pool of weavers and a new warehouse in Stockport had been added.

Ellis, represented Gillette in its search for new warehouse space.

For example, he ensures that the investment in the new warehouse is matched by an investment in warehousemen.

These arms were commissioned at the time for a New Bond Street warehouse at a cost of 20 guineas.

Which two places on map H do you think are best for new warehouses and distribution?

When the business needed to expand, the Reichmanns took bids for a new warehouse .

A new warehouse has been constructed to facilitate the management of valve stocks.

Guests in the new warehouse facility.


It was down by the old meat-packing warehouses .

Around were old warehouses and coffee-roasting plants, fifty-cent-a-night hotels.

He then went to look at some property left to the council by a benefactor, an old grain warehouse .

Tired of browsing through art galleries in old warehouses ?

Grandiose redevelopment programmes of redundant docks around the country have resulted in the demolition of numerous old warehouses .

A likely site for the centre is an old tobacco warehouse .

He collapsed outside an old warehouse .

With clipboard and checklist he had temporarily resumed his old warehouse occupation.



The loss of consumption is showing up at exchange warehouses , where copper inventories are rising.

The catalyst for this rebound in prices: large declines in stockpiles of the metal registered with New York Mercantile Exchange warehouses .



So they decided to build the warehouse themselves - which they managed to do for C$10,000.


I did not start on my own - a young neighbour was selling children's garments she bought from a warehouse .

I told you Connelly had bought a warehouse .


Thousands of its properties were destroyed or converted into warehouses , clubs or businesses.

Steve Morgan lives in a converted warehouse .


The needle immediately showed a reading, which then strengthened and weakened as he moved about the warehouse .

As inventory items are moved into the warehouse , loans are made to the borrower.

Goods subject to excise duty, such as tobacco and alcohol, could move freely between bonded warehouses in the different member states.

As the crop is harvested and canned, the canned products are moved into a field warehouse .

He became an experienced weaver before moving to the warehouse as superintendent in 1973 and more recently as Manager in 1986.

Exactly how do the vehicles move from one distribution warehouse to another?


They are of two types: the warehouse store and the limited assortment store.


In fact, the Brandon Vale airport had all the charm and credibility of a foreclosed and abandoned warehouse .

It has the charm of a warehouse and the coziness of an airplane hangar.

It will be years before I catalogue her paintings in a warehouse room.

Kittiwakes, seagulls that normally nest on cliffs, are now installed as regular guests on a warehouse ledge.

Prices rose in April 1990, but fell again in May to £1,573 after an upsurge in warehouse copper stocks.

Recently a new S80 large fork lift has been supplied to the warehouse .

So, too, do those people in towns who have the misfortune to live near the wrong warehouse .

The £5,500 creation is currently in mothballs in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

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