Meaning of WE in English




As we have seen

As we have seen in chapter four, women’s pay is generally less than men’s.

as we know it

The museum outlines the development of the city as we know it today.

as you/we know

‘I’m divorced, as you know,’ she said briefly.

how shall I/we put it? (= used before saying something in an indirect or polite way )

Mr Lewis is now – how shall we put it? – hardly the influence he once was.

it can be seen that/we can see that

From this graph, it can be seen that some people are more susceptible to the disease.

we can safely assume (= it is almost certain )

I think we can safely assume that interest rates will go up again soon.


Houston, we have a problem

I'll have/we'll have

I'm/We're not worthy

I'm/we're/you're talking (about) sth

I/we don't have all day

Hurry up, we don't have all day !

But Sally does not have all day here.

I/we live in hope

I/we shall

And thus we shall get the Government that we deserve.

As we shall see later, the ongoing health of children in Seascale has become a critical issue for the nuclear industry.

Either: As agreed at our initial meeting, we shall inform your auditors of this appointment.

I don't know what it will be, but I shall find a way to help her in the end.

It is a kindness I shall never forget.

That is a point to which I shall return in the next chapter.

This raises a general question which is central to these areas, and which I shall call the representation problem.

Three Levels on which rationality has practical significance may be distinguished, which I shall call groundedness, enlightenment and emancipation.

I/we was robbed!

I/we won't eat you

here we are

Here we are home again!

I know I read it somewhere... Here we go! It's at the bottom of page 78.

And here we are in one of the most notoriously capricious seas in the world, aboard a fantastic yacht called 2041.

And here we are, four years later, reading of another fracas in another rust-belt town.

But here we are faced with a dilemma.

However, here we are not to be intimidated and held off.

Just a Yes, here we are.

Oh and here we are going to a tango lesson.

Okay, here we are for the Final Jeopardy round.

So we bargained, and here we are, in the house.

here we go

"I still don't see why you blame me!" "Oh great, here we go again."

Let's do that again. Ready? Here we go.

And now, here we go again with the Gulf crisis.

Most of us were peaceful and decent, but here we go again, in our fifth war of this century.

Oh no, I thought, here we go.

One two three four, here we go.

Ronald Reagan fixed that, but here we go again.

So, again, here we go.

here we go again

"You've been drinking again, haven't you!" "Oh God, here we go again."

And now, here we go again with the Gulf crisis.

Most of us were peaceful and decent, but here we go again, in our fifth war of this century.

Ronald Reagan fixed that, but here we go again.

You see, here we go again.

it's ... , Jim, but not as we know it

it's time I was moving/we ought to get moving etc

may I/we ...?

shall I/we ... ?

shall I/we say

A prankster, shall we say ?

And what shall I say more?

Here's how it opens: What shall we say , then?

In other words, you've got to have, shall we say , the equipment to go with the line.

Instead, he summoned Ford to Philadelphia, a place where Ford is, shall we say , known?

It has, shall we say , connotations!

She was a pretty fiery, and shall we say , a somewhat lusty character.

What shall I say , eh, eh, eh?

the royal 'we'

we all make mistakes

As I told you once, we all make mistakes in our youth.

we'll see about that

"I want to go to Joshua's tonight." "Well, we'll have to see about that."

Kim wants to go to this party, huh? Well, we'll see about that!

we're not in Kansas any more

we're/you're talking £500/three days etc

what are we waiting for?

What are we waiting for? Let's go eat.


We 're looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

We are not amused.

We don't hit other people, do we, Tommy?

We still know very little about what causes the disease.

Can we have some cake, Mom?

What should we do tonight, Sean?

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