Meaning of WEAKNESS in English




a fundamental weakness (= fault )

She points out the fundamental weaknesses in his argument.


The report exposes the weaknesses of modern medical practice.

strengths and weaknesses

All technologies have different strengths and weaknesses.




The political weakness of the commoners corresponded to their economic weakness.

But the peasantry as a whole remained in a condition of extreme economic weakness .

It was conscious of Britain's economic weaknesses and the public's desire to concentrate on domestic problems.

Our low level of investment in science and technology is an indicator of our relative economic weakness .


Behind these passing issues, however, lies a more fundamental weakness special to Britain.

This pinpoints a fundamental weakness in the libertarian defence of a market economy.

As the 1960s rolled on, fundamental weaknesses of the system were revealed, centring on the contradictory role of the dollar.

It is that position of fundamental weakness and poverty that forces them to apply for the Government's student loans.


That is the strength of science, and its greatest weakness .

For the great weakness of feudal jurisdiction lay in its lack of muscle to enforce the appearance of both parties in court.

However, herein lies the Army's greatest weakness in the bargaining process.

I do try to keep away from fattening foods, but my greatest weakness is chocolate cake.

It was also, as we shall see later, to prove to be one of its greatest weaknesses .

I have a great weakness for fresh herbs and love the scent of basil and tarragon.

Profuse, clammy sweat; great weakness even to collapse.

It's his greatest weakness as a counsellor.


Prejudice is another human weakness , and like our emotions does not disappear at conversion.

To make love to a girl-a student. Human physical weakness stronger than the mind.

Here is a Messiah who by becoming one of us knows all about human weakness , about human life and development.

Anyone who worked with him recognised his uncanny ability to find something oddly heroic in all the manifestations of human weakness .

They are climbing to deny human weakness .

As Quigley, the entrepreneurial fixer, he brought warmth and an understanding of human weakness to the character.

Like all criminal gangs, Famlio specializes in profiting from human weaknesses such as pleasure, greed and fear.


One of the inherent weaknesses of the modern squad system is that a close-knit clique becomes impervious to failure and criticism.

The military had placed the island city in the best possible defense posture, considering the inherent weakness of its geographic position.

These are inherent weaknesses that are best exploited only indirectly, lest criticism backfire.


The main weakness of these republican reforms was that they threatened fundamental change but didn't fully implement it.

Perhaps the main weakness in the text, which accounts for a number of others, is the methodology employed.

The main area of weakness lies in the political arena.

But Carter's main weakness lay in dealing with Congress.


This survey points to two major weaknesses in the Solihull voluntary scheme.

Discuss its major weakness . 6.

There are two major weaknesses in biosensors.

One of the major weaknesses is, perhaps, a lack of sufficient follow-up on the recommendations.

That government has shown two major weaknesses: its failure to understand either the struggle or the indigenous mentality.

The other major weakness of the proposals is that they do not properly identify the nature of the problem.

The staple elements in the ordinary revenue revealed some major points of weakness .

This section attempts to identify the major strengths and weaknesses of these two systems.


But these women also employed medical definitions of physical and mental weakness as an effective tactical weapon in the battle with men.

Human physical weakness stronger than the mind.

Even to being impulsive, an uncontrolled state of irritability; it is a weakness and is accompanied by physical weakness.

Darwinism showed that extinction was the result of physical weakness or unfitness for purpose.

Both May and Bert are determined not to give in to their physical weaknesses .

Then his weaknesses - alcohol, drugs, any physical weakness such as being a diabetic.

In spite of his physical weakness Harry was busy.

Moreover, because of their physical and mental weakness women were clearly incapable of qualifying as doctors themselves.


The political weakness of the commoners corresponded to their economic weakness.

Alarcon effectively turned his political weakness into political strength, analysts say.

But hysteric she was, subject to the fatal political weakness of collapsing in time of trouble.

What motivated Louis was neither political weakness nor a suddenly-discovered conscience.


This relative weakness centred on manufacturing industry.

The problem ultimately lies in the relative weakness of the Third World economy in the world capitalist system.

Page description languages are currently a hot topic with much being written about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various offerings.

Our low level of investment in science and technology is an indicator of our relative economic weakness .


We saw that this theory has serious weaknesses in terms of lacking supporting evidence and analytical strength.

Aside from its dubious cultural charm, there are serious structural weaknesses which may one day embarrass us.

This is a serious weakness in an approach intended to aid understanding of religion.

This is a serious weakness for causal analysis using any of these explanatory approaches.

Both of these points of view have serious weaknesses , but in fact the one-phoneme analysis is generally chosen by phonologists.

This highlights a serious weakness in his philosophy.

The only serious weakness is the radio system.

The 1740 invasion scare revealed some serious weaknesses in the nation's defences.


Aside from its dubious cultural charm, there are serious structural weaknesses which may one day embarrass us.



There is often associated muscle weakness and sometimes heart problems can occur.

There may also be numbness or muscle weakness occurring in a segmental pattern.

Low vitamin D also is associated with muscle weakness , which could contribute to a fall.

Watch for asymmetry of eyelid blinking or evidence of lower facial muscle weakness .

But the loss of motor strip tends to produce muscle weakness and, if the damage is extensive enough, paralysis.



Our sinister cop is able to exploit that weakness by offering a sympathetic ear.

This short-term outlook enables them to exploit the weakness of their customers without worrying about the long-term effects on customer relations.

Successive governments have exploited our weakness for anything tax-free with a series of investment schemes.


They exposed strengths and weaknesses they didn't know were theirs.

College had exposed weaknesses they had been able to ignore in the past.

Her decision has left Congress headless and embarrassed at having exposed its weakness .

The Rush die scandal has exposed the weaknesses of any benign multiculturalism premised on the assumption of easy harmony and pluralism.

In addition, Joanne felt that the new approach exposed her weaknesses as a teacher.


The effect has been to highlight weaknesses in each of the traditional interpretations and to demythologize the revolutionary intelligentsia.

He told the Institute of Chartered Accountants that recent failures had highlighted weaknesses in accounts.

This highlights a serious weakness in his philosophy.

Here, however, Wallas highlighted a particular weakness within Fabianism.


From this the person is expected to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance and then put forward proposals for change.

If this is to identify a Warwickshire weakness , it must be said that the 1991 season exceeded all predictions.

To examine the experience of care in the community for Down's Syndrome adults in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses .

It can identify weaknesses in systems and procedures.

Consumers are rightly suspicious of companies' motives and will quickly identify any weaknesses of the campaign.


And please help me too, Lord, to begin to overcome my weaknesses in this area of conflict with others.

Such a child also needs help in learning to use her strengths as an ally in overcoming her vulnerabilities or weaknesses .


They have also revealed weaknesses within the current education systems.

Railtrack later revealed that weaknesses had been identified in the section of track 10 months ago.

Variances may often reveal weaknesses in control systems which should be rectified.

This theme too reveals both strengths and weaknesses in his interpretation of religion.

Time will no doubt reveal more of his weaknesses galore.


Both are today showing signs of weakness , but they are still far short of the east-coast mess.

It had long shown signs of weakness .

He could not speak and he would not make any gesture that would show weakness .

This shows the weakness of your heart.

That government has shown two major weaknesses: its failure to understand either the struggle or the indigenous mentality.

But I dared not cry nor show any sign of weakness .

The forces of Chaos fought on showing neither weakness nor mercy.


moment of madness/weakness/panic etc

He caught me in a moment of weakness.

I had a moment of panic.

In a moment of madness Rosenoir kicked Alan Kernaghan as he lay on the ground.

In a moment of weakness the President had accepted the invitation.

It was a moment of madness.

She rang the doorbell, listened to the silence within and felt a moment of panic.

What mattered was that one of the legs had been used by the gang in a moment of panic.


Frank's biggest weakness is his lack of tolerance.

muscle weakness

the weakness of the country's law-making body

the weakness of the yen against the dollar

The car has some serious structural weaknesses.


By contrast, it is easier to confirm an academic skill weakness through the use of standardized achievement tests.

In fact my whole being was permeated by the leaden-armed pervading weakness one feels when forced to work in the small hours.

It is a rare disease characterized by progressive liver enlargement or cirrhosis and muscular weakness by the age of 2 months.

Never love me for my weaknesses, he wanted to say.

The weakness of these controls throws the spotlight on the Police Complaints Authority composed of lay persons.

There are two major weaknesses in biosensors.

Weinstein said he wants to maintain it as a national brand despite its weaknesses in the Midwest and South.

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