Meaning of WRECK in English

I. verb


a gibbering wreck (= someone who is very shocked or frightened )

a gibbering wreck

be a nervous wreck (= be so nervous or worried that you cannot deal with a situation )

By the end of the rehearsal I was a nervous wreck.

wrecking ball

wrecking crew




According to security sources, massive bombs which wrecked neighbouring towns, had been destined for Portadown.

Bomb wrecks Ulster hotel A bomb has wrecked a hotel in Ulster and damage neighbouring houses.


Meanwhile, Bob Green was yesterday counting the cost of the car theft which wrecked his hopes of competing.

The car was wrecked , we had no water, and the closest town was forty miles away.


But you and I both know all it would take to wreck your career is one errant snip of the scissors.

It was the sort of injury that could wreck a year, maybe wreck a career .

He wrecked his whole career , probably completely shredded his marriage.


But her very presence seemed to be wrecking what chance the company had of any success.

He had wrecked his chances now.


So tell me why you think I'd want to wreck your home ?


The tragedy has wrecked the family's life .

Not once has the driver apologised to Noreen for the accident that wrecked her life .


This time the paper girl wrecked my plan .

The Philadelphia foursome are terrified that romance could wreck their plans for stardom.

The explanation, he says, is the fraud that has wrecked Brandmakers' financing plans .

A system that is too complex and time consuming encourages errors, undermines enthusiasm and can wreck potentially effective intervention plans .



Steps seen as draconian or unfair threaten to wreck the political process before it begins.

The Jackson-Vanik bill threatened to wreck the whole thing.


Bulldozers were brought in to wreck the tents and shacks that protesters had put up.

Glen drove right into a tree and wrecked his car.

He came home drunk again, threatening to wreck the apartment.

His confrontational speech has wrecked any chances of a peace settlement.

Ron's affair wrecked our marriage.

The bank robbers wrecked Stan's car trying to get away from police.

The two years in prison wrecked Jarvis' marriage.

They had stolen a car and wrecked in on the freeway.


According to security sources, massive bombs which wrecked neighbouring towns, had been destined for Portadown.

But the charges wrecked his campaign.

Frelimo's Central Committee reported that by 1989, 45 percent of all primary schools had either been closed or wrecked.

Lindsay had solved the problem of trailering the stallions together by temporarily wrecking their communication through their sense of smell.

Now the wrecking is over, but in the post-Reagan economy, the scabs are still everywhere.

Such a storm had wrecked Mardonios' fleet off Athos twelve years before.

The bomb was between us and the exit; it would probably blow in a moment, and wreck the whole bar.

Think of it this way: Two people are wrecked on an island and one of them is fated to be murdered.

II. noun




Just the thing for a twitching little nervous wreck who keeps passing out on her dinner dates.

By the time my friends left, l was a nervous wreck .

Of course, we hardly needed to say, as we made our way upstairs, that we were both nervous wrecks .

Apparently some of them nervous wrecks .

Before this watch was over she would be a nervous , screaming wreck .

It had to be learnt, if we were not to turn into nervous wrecks .

She was a nervous wreck , and all that was wrong with the child was measles.


Ian MacDonald and he had stripped down the old wreck and searched junk yards for spare parts.

Or maybe it was just some old wreck .

All of a sudden they have kids to put through college or they're shacked up with some old wreck of a husband.



It strode through the black rain to the car wreck in the forecourt, sensing the presence of more food.

Rain was hissing on the roof of the car wreck , fogging the scene still further.

And surely, that's what caused the 18-\#car wreck .

They leapt down the car wrecks and legged it across the ground towards the girl.

Something was burning out there, not in the car wreck ... but beside it.


If there were no blizzard to shut down Washington, there would still be the budget train wreck .

And if the budget train wreck ended, there would still be -- political correctness.

The show-biz story of the decade has spawned the cinematic train wreck of 1996.



They found the wreck of the Medusa not long ago, off the coast of Mauretania.

As she found out, wrecks were an integral part of Trepassey life.


Divers went down to search the wreck .

Investigators are searching the wreck for clues as to why the plane crashed.

It's embarrassing to be seen driving that old wreck .

Mom looked like a complete wreck after the wedding.

Nobody could have survived the wreck .

Ten people were injured in the wreck .

The car was a complete wreck , but the driver escaped with minor injuries.


Boss Mangan, the symbol of industrial and political might, is a love-stricken wreck easily manipulated by the go-getting Ellie Dunn.

I held her, trying to appear calm and composed on the outside, a shaking wreck on the inside.

If there were no blizzard to shut down Washington, there would still be the budget train wreck .

She also looked like a total wreck !

She felt an absolute wreck , yet at the same time she felt acutely self-aware.

The wrecks massing on shore, the wrecks made of ships in open water.

Without my exercise, I was a crying wreck .

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