Meaning of YACHT in English




a luxury ship/yacht

He'd booked a holiday on a luxury cruise ship.




You can enjoy the water in a small dinghy as much as in a luxury yacht .

She said there was no way her husband of 46 years would have killed himself by jumping off his luxury yacht .

Diana climbed aboard one boat with children William and Harry for the short hop to their luxury yacht .


The Backup New yachts suffer from teething problems, and older yachts need lots of tender loving care.

Before the opening of this new marina, yachts had to detour to the south to the Canaries.

I've designed a new yacht which we believe stands an excellent chance of winning the next round-the-world race.


Ironically, for two weeks in 1981, the royal yacht was the luxurious honeymoon base for Charles and Diana.

It had a single curved platform and a handsome waiting-room, and provided access from the railway to the royal yacht .

On board the royal yacht , with its 21officers and 256 men, they were never left alone.

She will also hold a reception on the Royal yacht Britannia.

The Royals seem to use the royal yacht purely for privileged leisure cruising - at our vast expense.



She will also hold a reception on the Royal yacht Britannia .


However, the yacht club flourishes, and the regatta is still held.

He could have drowned rowing back from the yacht club .

One day I went to the nearby yacht club where a open-air reggae festival continued well into the night.

No evidence of a Buchanan trust fund or yacht club membership, however.

There is also a marina yacht club and a licensed restaurant barge at South Dock.

The yacht club , the Presidio, the park, and of course the bridge dominated the view to the left.


Sheets in, he bore away from the motor yacht .

This one concerned a motor yacht making a run with spirits from the Channel Isles.

Sailing yachts 31-53 feet, motor yachts 37-46 feet, plus an extensive range of crewed sail and motor yachts 42-120 feet.

By Cairnbaan only three motor yachts had puttered by.

White-hulled, she was a sleek ninety-foot Baglietto motor yacht .

Easing Golden Girl up under mainsail, Trent watched the motor yacht roll gently in the swell.


The thing flapped around like a sail in a transatlantic yacht race , you could have gone surfing on it.

In the 1972 single-handed Transatlantic yacht race , a number of hallucinations and illusions were experienced, some of them premonitions.

To improve its image, the firm is splashing out £3 million on sponsoring a boat in the 1993 round-the-world yacht race .

The toughest yacht race in the world will have changed the 140 people who took part, some perhaps for ever.



Newall, 27, was arrested by a Royal Navy frigate sailing his yacht off Casablanca.

The veterinarians must be sailing in yachts , surely.

Windsurfers on the plane Nor is this like sailing a yacht !


He could have drowned rowing back from the yacht club.

Sometimes you may spot an occasional dorsal fin when it pops out like a miniature yacht sail.

The yachts later picked up a freshening breeze which reached Force 5 approaching the island.

The yachts tacked back and forth across the Solent, and then moored up for a sumptuous lunch.

The Backup New yachts suffer from teething problems, and older yachts need lots of tender loving care.

The resourceful youngster has overhauled the yacht and drummed up sponsors largely by himself.

We provide a comprehensive range of sizes to suit every yacht specification for leisure use or for the longest of passages.

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