Meaning of YACHT in English


yacht /jɒt $ jɑːt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Origin: Early modern Dutch jaght , from Middle Low German jachtschiff 'hunting ship' ]

a large boat with a sail, used for pleasure or sport, especially one that has a place where you can sleep ⇨ sailing boat , sailboat

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■ types of boat

▪ yacht a large boat with a sail, used for pleasure or sport

▪ sailing boat British English , sailboat American English a boat that uses one or more sails

▪ rowing boat British English , rowboat American English a small boat that you move through the water with oars

▪ dinghy a small open boat used for pleasure, or for taking people between a ship and the shore

▪ catamaran a sailing boat with two separate ↑ hull s (=the part that goes in the water)

▪ trimaran a sailing boat with three separate HULLS s

▪ barge a large low boat with a flat bottom, used for carrying heavy goods on a canal or river

▪ canal boat ( also narrow boat British English ) a boat that you use on canals

▪ canoe a long light boat that is open at the top and pointed at both ends, which you move along using a ↑ paddle . Canoes are for one to three people

▪ kayak a light boat for one or two people, that is pointed at both ends and covered on top. A kayak has round holes on top in which the people sit, and you move it along using a paddle.

▪ punt a long thin boat with a flat bottom that you move by pushing a long pole against the bottom of the river – used for pleasure

▪ houseboat a boat that is specially made so that you can live on it

▪ pleasure boat a small boat, for example a sailing boat or a rowing boat, that people use on a lake, river etc:

People were out on the lake in pleasure boats.

⇨ ↑ ship

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