Meaning of -ATION in English


-ation BrE AmE ˈeɪʃ ə n —This suffix bears the primary word stress. In words of four or more syllables, a further rhythmic (secondary) stress falls two syllables further back ( ˌ conso ˈ lation, con ˌ side ˈ ration, ne ˌ goti ˈ ation, as ˌ soci ˈ ation). Words in -isation/-ization, however, have the secondary stress earlier if possible, namely in the same place as the primary stress of the corresponding -ise/-ize word ( ˌ organi ˈ zation, ˌ atomi ˈ zation, ˌ dramati ˈ zation, ˌ actuali ˈ zation).

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