Meaning of ACCIDENTAL in English


ac ‧ ci ‧ den ‧ tal /ˌæksəˈdentl◂, ˌæksɪˈdentl◂/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ accident ; adverb : ↑ accidentally ; adjective : ↑ accidental ]

happening without being planned or intended OPP deliberate :

an accidental discharge of toxic waste

Buy an insurance policy that covers accidental damage.

—accidentally adverb :

I accidentally locked myself out of the house.

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■ words meaning accidentally

▪ accidentally/by accident in a way that was not planned or intended:

He accidentally shot his friend.


Fleming discovered the drug by accident, when he was researching something else.


I met the man purely by accident, and we began a conversation.

▪ by mistake if you do something by mistake, you intend to do one thing, but you accidentally do something else instead:

Michelle must have picked up my keys by mistake.


Gary wandered into the wrong hotel room by mistake.

▪ be an accident if you say that something was an accident, you mean that you are sorry it happened, but it was not done deliberately:

Marris told the police the killing was an accident.


Don’t blame yourself – it was an accident.

▪ unintentionally if you do something unintentionally, especially something bad, you do it even though you do not intend to do it:

Teachers often unintentionally favour certain students.


Several scenes in the movie are unintentionally funny.

▪ inadvertently if you inadvertently do something, you do it without realizing you are doing it, because you are not careful enough:

In a panic, I inadvertently pushed the accelerator instead of the brake.


The Finance Minister inadvertently revealed budget secrets to reporters.

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