Meaning of ACCIDENTAL in English


— accidentally , adv. — accidentalness, accidentality , n.

/ak'si den"tl/ , adj.

1. happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected: an accidental meeting.

2. nonessential; incidental; subsidiary: accidental benefits.

3. Music. relating to or indicating sharps, flats, or naturals.


4. a nonessential or subsidiary circumstance, characteristic, or feature.

5. Music. a sign placed before a note indicating a chromatic alteration of its pitch.

[ 1350-1400; ME accidentalis. See ACCIDENT, -AL 1 ]

Syn. 1. unintentional, unforeseen. ACCIDENTAL, CASUAL, FORTUITOUS all describe something outside the usual course of events. ACCIDENTAL implies occurring unexpectedly or by chance: an accidental blow. CASUAL describes a passing event of slight importance: a casual reference. FORTUITOUS is applied to events occurring without known cause, often of a fortunate or favorable nature: a fortuitous shower of meteors. It often also implies good luck or good fortune: a fortuitous choice leading to rapid advancement.

Ant. 1. planned, contrived.

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