Meaning of AIRCRAFT in English

air ‧ craft S2 W2 /ˈeəkrɑːft $ ˈerkræft/ BrE AmE noun [countable] ( plural aircraft )

a plane or other vehicle that can fly

⇨ ↑ light aircraft

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▪ plane ( also aeroplane British English ), airplane American English a vehicle that flies in the air and has wings and at least one engine:

The plane took off from John F Kennedy airport.


a passenger plane carrying over 300 people

▪ aircraft a plane or other vehicle that can fly. Aircraft sounds more formal than plane :

Smoking is not allowed on board the aircraft.


He was trained to fly military aircraft.

▪ jet a fast plane with a jet engine:

She owns a private jet.

▪ airliner a large plane that carries people:

a commercial airliner

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