Meaning of BALLOON in English


I. bal ‧ loon 1 /bəˈluːn/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Language: French ; Origin: ballon 'large football, balloon' , from Italian ballone 'large football' , from balla 'ball' ]

1 . an object made of brightly coloured thin rubber, that is filled with air and used as a toy or decoration for parties:

Can you help me blow up these balloons?

He burst the balloon in my face.

2 . ( also hot air balloon ) a large bag of strong light cloth filled with gas or heated air so that it can float in the air. It has a basket hanging below it for people to stand in:

a balloon flight over the Yorkshire Moors

3 . the circle drawn around the words spoken by the characters in a ↑ cartoon SYN bubble

4 . a balloon payment American English money borrowed that must be paid back in one large sum after several smaller payments have been made:

a $10,000 balloon payment due in two years

5 . the balloon goes up British English informal used to refer to the moment when a situation starts to become really bad:

We’ll have to get out of there before the balloon goes up.

⇨ go down like a lead balloon at ↑ lead 3 (3)

II. balloon 2 BrE AmE ( also balloon out ) verb [intransitive]

1 . to suddenly become larger in amount SYN explode :

The company’s debt has ballooned in the past year.

2 . if someone balloons, they suddenly become fat:

Paul ballooned after he got married.

3 . to get bigger and rounder:

The sheet flapped and ballooned in the wind.

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