Meaning of BARK in English


I. bark 1 /bɑːk $ bɑːrk/ BrE AmE verb

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: beorcan ]

1 . [intransitive] when a dog barks, it makes a short loud sound or series of sounds ⇨ growl

bark at

The dog always barks at strangers.

2 . ( also bark out ) [transitive] to say something quickly in a loud voice

bark at

‘Don’t just stand there, give me a hand,’ she barked at the shop assistant.

3 . bark up the wrong tree informal to have a wrong idea, or do something in a way that will not give you the information or result you want:

The police spent three months barking up the wrong tree on the murder investigation.

4 . [transitive] to rub the skin off your knee, elbow etc by falling or knocking against something SYN graze :

I barked my shin against the step.

II. bark 2 BrE AmE noun

[ Sense 1, 3-4: Date: 1500-1600 ; Origin: ⇨ ↑ bark 1 ]

[ Sense 2: Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old Norse ; Origin: börkr ]

1 . [countable] the sharp loud sound made by a dog

2 . [uncountable] the outer covering of a tree

3 . [countable] a loud sound or voice:

Amy’s voice was a hoarse bark.

4 . sb’s bark is worse than their bite used to say that someone who seems unpleasant or difficult to deal with is not really too bad

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