Meaning of BARK in English


[bark] vb [ME berken, fr. OE beorcan; akin to ON berkja to bark, Lith burgeti to growl] vi (bef. 12c) 1 a: to make the characteristic short loud cry of a dog b: to make a noise resembling a bark

2: to speak in a curt loud and usu. angry tone: snap ~ vt 1: to utter in a curt loud usu. angry tone

2: to advertise by persistent outcry "~ing their wares" -- bark up the wrong tree : to proceed under a misapprehension; also: to misdirect one's efforts

[2]bark n (bef. 12c) 1 a: the sound made by a barking dog b: a similar sound

2: a short sharp peremptory tone of speech or utterance -- bark.less adj [3]bark n [ME, fr. ON bark-, borkr; akin to MD & MLG borke bark] (14c) 1: the tough exterior covering of a woody root or stem; specif: the tissues outside the cambium that include an inner layer esp. of secondary phloem and an outer layer of periderm

2: cinchona

2. -- bark.less adj [4]bark vt (14c) 1: to treat with an infusion of tanbark

2. a: to strip the bark from b: to rub off or abrade the skin of [5]bark n [ME, fr. MF barque, fr. OProv barca, fr. LL] (15c) 1 a: a small sailing ship b: a sailing ship of three or more masts with the aftmost mast fore-and-aft rigged and the others square-rigged

2: a craft propelled by sails or oars

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