Meaning of BREAK IN in English


break in phrasal verb ( see also ↑ break )

1 . to enter a building by using force, in order to steal something:

Thieves broke in and stole £10,000 worth of computer equipment.

⇨ ↑ break-in

2 . to interrupt someone when they are speaking

break in on

I didn’t want to break in on his telephone conversation.

break in with

Dad would occasionally break in with an amusing comment.

3 . break something ↔ in to make new shoes or boots less stiff and more comfortable by wearing them:

I went for a walk to break in my new boots.

4 . break somebody in to help a person get used to a certain way of behaving or working:

She’s quite new to the job, so we’re still breaking her in.

5 . break something ↔ in to teach a young horse to carry people on its back:

We break the horses in when they’re about two years old.

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