Meaning of BREAK IN in English



intransitive verb

1. : to break and enter

thieves broke in and stole the money

2. : to interrupt in a conversation : say something abruptly and forcefully

impatient, he broke in with an oath

3. : to start in an activity or enterprise

he broke in with a minor-league team

breaking in with the company as an office boy

: gain entrée; also : to gain experience or skill in a new role or function

the new men are breaking in well

transitive verb


a. : to accustom to a certain activity or occurrence

a skiing instructor breaking in novices

especially : to initiate (as into a job, office, or sport) by instruction, demonstration, and correction

b. : break , train

break in a green horse

c. : to overcome the stiffness of (a new article)

breaking in the shoes

: operate or use to overcome the uncertainties of the new and unfamiliar : operate sufficiently to test all parts thoroughly

breaking in a new car

2. : to break so as to cause to fall inward

the mob broke in the door

3. : to place (a pictorial illustration) in a space provided in the text

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.