Meaning of BRICK in English

I. brick 1 S2 W3 /brɪk/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Language: French ; Origin: brique , from Middle Dutch bricke ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] a hard block of baked clay used for building walls, houses etc:

a brick wall

a house made of brick

Protesters attacked the police with stones and bricks.

2 . bricks and mortar houses – used especially when talking about them as an ↑ investment

3 . [countable] British English a small square block of wood, plastic etc used as a toy

4 . [countable] old-fashioned a good person who you can depend on when you are in trouble

⇨ be (like) banging/bashing etc your head against a brick wall at ↑ head 1 (31), ⇨ drop a brick at ↑ drop 1 (27)

II. brick 2 BrE AmE verb

be bricking it British English informal to feel very nervous or frightened

brick something ↔ off phrasal verb

to separate an area from a larger area by building a wall of bricks:

Some of the rooms had been bricked off.

brick something ↔ up/in phrasal verb

to fill or close a space by building a wall of bricks in it:

The windows were bricked up.

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