Meaning of CLOSED in English


closed S3 /kləʊzd $ kloʊzd/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : close, ↑ closure , ↑ closing ; adjective : ↑ closed , ↑ closing ; verb : ↑ close ]

1 . not open SYN shut OPP open :

Make sure all the windows are closed.

She kept her eyes tightly closed.

2 . [not before noun] if a shop, public building etc is closed, it is not open and people cannot enter or use it SYN shut OPP open :

The shops here are closed on Sundays.

closed to the public/visitors etc

The castle is closed to visitors in winter.

3 . restricted to a particular group of people OPP open :

The golf club has closed membership.

a closed meeting

The police have a closed circle of suspects.

4 . not willing to accept new ideas or influences OPP open :

You’re facing this situation with a closed mind.

closed society/world/way of life

Venetian art in this period was a closed world.

5 . behind closed doors if something happens behind closed doors, it happens in private and the public are not allowed in:

It seems that the deal was made behind closed doors.

Football authorities ordered the club to play its next two games behind closed doors after the riots in February.

6 . a closed book (to somebody) a subject or problem that someone does not know about or understand:

Mathematics has always been a closed book to me.

7 . a closed set (of something) a restricted group, or a group that cannot change or grow:

The law is not a closed set of rules and principles.

⇨ in closed session at ↑ session (2)

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