Meaning of CLOSED in English


/klohzd/ , adj.

1. having or forming a boundary or barrier: He was blocked by a closed door. The house had a closed porch.

2. brought to a close; concluded: It was a closed incident with no repercussions.

3. not public; restricted; exclusive: a closed meeting; a closed bid at a private auction.

4. not open to new ideas or arguments.

5. self-contained; independent or self-sufficient: a closed, symbiotic relationship.

6. Phonet. (of a syllable) ending with a consonant or a consonant cluster, as has, hasp. Cf. open (def. 35b).

7. Ling. (of a class of items) limited in membership and not readily expanded to include new items, as the class of inflectional affixes, articles, pronouns, or auxiliaries (opposed to open ).

8. Hunting , Angling. restricted as to the kind of game that may be legally taken and as to where or when it may be taken: woods closed to deer hunters.

9. Math.

a. (of a set in which a combining operation between members of the set is defined) such that performing the operation between members of the set produces a member of the set, as multiplication in the set of integers.

b. (of an interval) containing both of its endpoints.

c. (of a map from one topological space to another) having the property that the image of a closed set is a closed set.

d. (of a curve) not having endpoints; enclosing an area.

e. (of a surface) enclosing a volume.

f. (of a function or operator) having as its graph a closed set.

[ 1175-1225; ME; see CLOSE, -ED 2 ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .