Meaning of CLOTHING in English


cloth ‧ ing /ˈkləʊðɪŋ $ ˈkloʊ-/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ clothes , ↑ clothing ; verb : ↑ clothe ; adjective : clothed ≠ ↑ unclothed ]

the clothes that people wear:

basic necessities such as food and clothing

She took only a few items of clothing.

⇨ a change of clothing at ↑ change 2 (6)

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■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + clothing

▪ warm clothing

The flood victims need shelter and warm clothing.

▪ light clothing (=made from thin materials)

You’ll only need light clothing during the day.

▪ outdoor clothing

The shop sells ski-wear and other outdoor clothing.

▪ protective clothing

Laboratory technicians have to wear special protective clothing.

▪ waterproof clothing

Always take a map, a compass, and waterproof clothing.

▪ outer clothing (=that you wear over other clothes)

The men were hastily pulling on some outer clothing.

▪ designer clothing (=made by a well-known designer)

▪ sports clothing

▪ winter/summer clothing

■ phrases

▪ a piece of clothing

There were pieces of clothing scattered around the room.

▪ an item/article of clothing formal (=a piece of clothing)

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled.

▪ a layer of clothing

In very cold weather it’s good to wear several layers of clothing.

■ NOUN + clothing

▪ the clothing industry

There are plenty of job opportunities in the clothing industry.

▪ a clothing manufacturer

a large clothing manufacturer

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▪ clothes noun [plural] things you wear to cover your body or keep you warm. Clothes is always plural:

I like your clothes!


Don’t throw your dirty clothes on the floor!


a clothes shop

▪ clothing noun [uncountable] used when talking in general about a type of clothes, or about making or selling clothes. Also used in the phrase a piece/item/article of clothing (=one of the things that someone wears) :

You’ll need to take some warm clothing.


It is important to wear protective clothing at all times.


a clothing manufacturer


a clothing retailer


Police found a piece of clothing in the bushes.


I took a change of clothing with me.

▪ garment noun [countable] formal one thing that you wear. Also used when talking about buying and selling clothes:

a long velvet garment


the garment industry


garment workers


garment factories

▪ dress noun [uncountable] a particular style of clothes. Don’t use dress on its own:

Casual dress is not appropriate for an interview.


men in evening dress

▪ wear noun [uncountable] used about types of clothes sold in a shop, in the following phrases. Don’t use wear on its own:

children’s wear


sports wear


casual wear

▪ gear noun [uncountable] /ɡɪə $ ɡɪr/ informal clothes for a particular sport or activity:

She was wearing her running gear.


Have you got all your gear?

▪ wardrobe noun [singular] all the clothes that you own, or all the clothes that you wear at a particular time of year:

Her wardrobe consisted mainly of smart clothes for work.


I will need a new summer weardrobe.


You could win a complete new wardrobe!

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