Meaning of CLOTHING in English


ˈklōthiŋ, -ēŋ but see sense 5 noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of clothen to clothe


a. : covering for the human body or garments in general : all the garments and accessories worn by a person at any one time

b. obsolete : livery

c. : the equipment (as blankets, hoods, or bandages) used to cover and protect a domestic animal (as a horse)

d. : characteristic exterior properties and aspects, style, and atmosphere in which something intangible is discerned

the moral clothing of legislation

2. : cleading 2


a. : sails

b. : the bowsprit rigging

4. : clothing wool

5. ˈklȯth- also ˈkläth- : card clothing

6. : the felts and wires of papermaking machines

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