Meaning of CLOUDY in English


cloud ‧ y /ˈklaʊdi/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . a cloudy sky, day etc is dark because there are a lot of clouds OPP clear :

a cloudy night with some light rain

Tomorrow, it will be cloudy and cool.

2 . cloudy liquids are not clear:

a rather cloudy wine

3 . cloudy thoughts, memories etc are not very clear or exact

• • •


▪ cloudy with a lot of clouds:

The weather was cold and cloudy.


cloudy skies

▪ grey ( also gray American English ) grey in colour, because there are dark clouds – used especially in written descriptions:

Mary looked out at the cold grey sky.

▪ overcast dark and completely covered with clouds:

a chilly overcast day

▪ leaden literary a leaden sky is grey and full of dark clouds:

Snow fell from a leaden sky.

▪ gloomy dark and cloudy, in a depressing way:

The gloomy weather shows no sign of improving.

▪ foggy with thick low cloud that is difficult to see through. You use foggy especially about low-lying places:

a foggy day in London in November

▪ misty with light low cloud that is difficult to see through. You use misty especially about places that are next to water or in the mountains:

a cold misty morning

▪ hazy with air that looks cloudy, because there is smoke, dust, or mist in it:

hazy sunshine

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