Meaning of CLOUDY in English


ˈklau̇dē, -di adjective

( -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English clūdig rocky, from clūd rock, hill — more at cloud

1. : made or consisting of cloud

the mountain with its cloudy veil

: like cloud in appearance

cloudy smoke

2. : darkened (as in mood or spirit) by gloom, anxiety, ill temper, or other emotion

a cloudy mood

a cloudy eye

3. : overcast with clouds

a cloudy sky

cloudy moon

: having the sky overcast

cloudy morning

cloudy day

specifically in meteorology : with clouds obscuring six tenths to nine tenths of the sky

4. : obscure in meaning : hard to perceive, understand, or comprehend

gropes among cloudy issues toward a feeble conclusion — H.T.Moore

: uncertain as to fact or outcome

a cloudy future

: vague or inexact in thought or meaning : hazy

his cloudy obsessions and obstinacies — F.M.Ford

5. : dimmed or dulled or made obscure as if by clouds : lacking clearness, brightness, or luster

a cloudy diamond

a cloudy mirror

the violins had a rather cloudy tone

6. : like cloud in being light or floating in a light, airy, or translucent mass

dream faces, pale, with cloudy hair — G.W.Russell

7. : having irregular light and dark areas or markings : uneven in color or texture

8. : having visible material in suspension : murky

a cloudy liquid

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