Meaning of FRAME in English

I. frame 1 S3 W3 /freɪm/ BrE AmE noun

1 . BORDER [countable] a structure made of wood, metal, plastic etc that surrounds something such as a picture or window, and holds it in place:

They removed the picture from its wooden frame.

door/window/picture frame

2 . STRUCTURE [countable] the structure or main supporting parts of a piece of furniture, vehicle, or other object:

a bicycle frame

the frame of the chair

3 . BODY [countable] the general shape formed by the bones of someone’s body

large/thin/slight etc frame

4 . GLASSES [countable usually plural] the metal or plastic part of a pair of ↑ glass es that holds the ↑ lens es

5 . MAIN FACTS/IDEAS [countable usually singular] the main ideas, facts etc that something is based on:

A clear explanation of the subject provides a frame on which a deeper understanding can be built.

Some comments may or may not be understood as harassment, depending on your frame of reference (=knowledge and beliefs that influence the way you think) .

6 . be in/out of the frame (for something) to have or not have the chance to take part in something SYN be in/out of the running (for something) :

Liverpool are in the frame for a place in the Cup Final.

7 . FILM [countable] an area of film that contains one photograph, or one of the series of separate photographs that make up a film or video

8 . SPORT [countable] a complete part in the games of ↑ snooker or ↑ bowling :

I won the next three frames.

9 . INTERNET [countable] one of the areas into which a ↑ webpage is divided

⇨ ↑ climbing frame , ↑ cold frame , ⇨ frame of mind at ↑ mind 1 (15)

II. frame 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: framian 'to be helpful to, make progress' ]

1 . to surround something with something else so that it looks attractive or can be seen clearly:

Sarah’s face was framed by her long dark hair.

She stood there, framed against the doorway.

2 . to put a picture in a structure that will hold it firmly:

I’m going to get the picture framed.

a framed photograph

3 . to deliberately make someone seem guilty of a crime when they are not guilty, by lying to the police or in a court of law SYN set up :

Needham’s lawyers claimed that he had been framed by the police.

frame somebody for something

The two men were framed for murder.

4 . formal to carefully plan the way you are going to ask a question, make a statement etc:

She wondered how she was going to frame the question.

5 . formal to organize and develop a plan, system etc:

Newman played a central role in framing the new law.

6 . gilt-framed/wood-framed etc having a frame or frames of a particular colour or material:

wire-framed spectacles

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