Meaning of FRAME in English

[frame] vb framed ; [ME, to benefit, construct, fr. OE framian to benefit, make progress; akin to ON fram forward, OE fram from] vt (14c) 1: to construct by fitting and uniting the parts of the skeleton of (a structure)

2. a: plan, contrive "framed a new method of achieving their purpose" b: shape, construct c: to give expression to: formulate d: to draw up (as a document) 3 a: to devise falsely (as a criminal charge) b: to contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assured c: fix 7b

4: to fit or adjust esp. to something or for an end: arrange

5. obs: produce

6: to enclose in a frame; also: to enclose as if in a frame ~ vi 1 archaic: proceed, go

2. obs: manage -- or adj -- n

[2]frame n (14c) 1 a: something composed of parts fitted together and united b: the physical makeup of an animal and esp. a human body: physique, figure

2. a: the constructional system that gives shape or strength (as to a building); also: a frame dwelling b: such a skeleton not filled in or covered 3 obs: the act or manner of framing

4. a: a machine built upon or within a framework "a spinning ~" b: an open case or structure made for admitting, enclosing, or supporting something "a window ~" c (1): a part of a pair of glasses that holds one of the lenses (2) pl: that part of a pair of glasses other than the lenses d: a structural unit in an automobile chassis supported on the axles and supporting the rest of the chassis and the body

5. a: an enclosing border b: the matter or area enclosed in such a border: as (1): one of the squares in which scores for each round are recorded (as in bowling); also: a round in bowling (2): an individual drawing in a comic strip usu. enclosed by a bordering line (3): one picture of the series on a length of film (4): a complete image for display (as on a television set) c: an inning in baseball d (1): framework 1a (2): context, frame of reference e: an event that forms the background for the action of a novel or play

6: frame-up [3]frame adj (1775): having a wood frame "~ houses"

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