Meaning of LAWRENCE in English


I. Law ‧ rence, D. H. /ˈlɒrəns $ ˈlɔː- ˈlɑː-/ BrE AmE

(1885–1930) a British writer known especially for his stories of life in industrial society, in which his characters show strong emotion and sexual desire. His best-known books are ↑ Sons and Lovers , ↑ Women in Love , and ↑ Lady Chatterley's Lover . Several of his books were considered ↑ obscene (=offensive because of their sexual descriptions) when they were written, and Lady Chatterley's Lover could not be bought in the UK until 1960.

II. Lawrence, Ste ‧ phen /ˈstiːv ə n/ BrE AmE

(1974–93) a young black British man from London who was murdered in April 1993 when he was attacked by a group of young white men in the street. Several men were charged with murder but a court said there was not enough evidence to send them to prison. Sir William Macpherson wrote an official report about the way the police worked on the case. He said that they had made serious mistakes, and he criticized them for sometimes behaving in a ↑ racist way.

III. Lawrence, T. E. BrE AmE

(1888–1935) a British soldier and writer, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, whose life was the subject of a famous film made in 1962. Lawrence helped the Arabs in their fight against the Turks (1914–18), and was strongly in favour of Arab independence. He wrote The Seven Pillars of Wisdom about his adventures in the desert.

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